Luke 4:18 The Spirit of the Lord is upon me, because he hath anointed me to preach the gospel to the poor; he hath sent me to heal the brokenhearted, to preach deliverance to the captives, and recovering of sight to the blind, to set at liberty them that are bruised...

Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Interview With Bruce Geer

Bruce Geer was born March 22, 1956 in New Orleans, Louisiana to Gene and Pauline Geer. Gene was raised in Westminster, Texas and his vocation as an engineer took him to New Orleans, where Bruce was born and the family lived for about four years until they were transferred to Virginia. Following a year in Virginia they returned to Texas, living in Dallas for a year before settling in McKinney, Texas in 1962. Bruce graduated from McKinney High School in 1974. He is married to Debbie Geer and they have five children and four grandchildren, and one on the way. He has two older sisters.

Bruce’s Dad was raised Baptist and his Mom was brought up in a Catholic home and he and his siblings were raised in the Catholic Church. He thought it was pretty boring and he said he remembers being angry the first time he heard about the Ten Commandments:

“…when I was about six or seven years old, the Catholic Church and my Mother taught me the Ten Commandments. Something inside of me was immediately angry at those Ten Commandments. The more I think about it, this could have been the Spirit of God in me that was angry. I thought it is just more rules and more things to remember. We know now that the Law and the Ten Commandments are not made for a righteous man, but for the lawless and disobedient, etc.(1Timothy 1:9)”

He continued going to the Catholic Church “because we were supposed to,” until he went to college and then just stopped going. “I told my Dad once that the Catholic religion was the “right” religion and Dad, being Baptist, said, ‘No that’s not right!’”

Bruce said, “You know it’s a miracle that my Mom and Dad even got married with the way Baptists and Catholics are."

”When I was about ten or twelve years old, while I was at church one day, I heard something say to me (pretty sure it was God talking to me), “I want you to follow me.” I looked at that priest up there and pointed my finger at him and said, ‘I will NOT do that. That is the most boring job I have ever seen."

Bruce grew up in his Dad’s surveying/engineering business. His Dad is an engineer and a surveyor. It wasn’t always easy working for his Dad.

“I thought being a surveyor was too hard of a work (ha ha). I did not like it. Also, I thought Dad was real hard and mean. He had been boss over many people on construction sites, building shopping centers, commercial buildings, etc., and was responsible for hiring and firing. He brought his hardness home when he came home at the end of the day; with me full of pride and my Dad full of pride, this only brought contention. I was dead set against being a surveyor. So when I went to college, Dad and I parted ways.

Today, Bruce has appreciation for the things his Dad taught him:

“My Dad is a good example for a Dad showing me how to work, a very good example of a hard working person. It didn’t matter if it was hot or cold, we were out there working. There was no nonsense with him when he was on the job site. Maybe a joke or two, but real serious about getting the job done.”

Bruce went to college with plans to become a veterinarian and in 1977, at the end of his junior year in college he was looking for a summer job and met Doyle Davidson.

“I needed experience with working with large animals, horses, cattle, etc. I talked to Dr. Butler [Doyle’s former partner], he was not hiring; I talked to Dr. Hefner who was a large animal vet, he didn’t have any work. I went to Dr. Derryberry* and he said he didn’t have anything but suggested I talk to Doyle who had just returned to McKinney and was just down the road from Derryberry-King; and that’s what I did. I went and talked to Doyle and he said, ‘I can’t pay anything but if you want to ride with me you can’ Well I needed large animal experience so I took him up on his offer.”

Doyle knew Bruce’s uncle, who was president of Anna Bank and one of the partners in the corporation that God sold for Doyle, when he said to God, “If you’ll sell my share in this corporation, I’ll do whatever you ask.” Bruce and his Dad had surveyed that corporation’s property when Bruce was a kid and he remembers his uncle was on site that day, “…we went to the Dairy Queen and got drinks for the crew.'" Recently, Bruce found the survey map of that property that showed the large building that Doyle has talked about. The building was 120 feet by 350 feet on 21 acres, described as a steel frame and sheet metal sided clear span building. The survey date was September of 1968 with his Dad’s signature. Another survey of 166 acres was done a month later. The file said it was the “Nolan property”.

Bruce’s parents were born and raised in Texas, his Dad in Westminster (Collin County) and his Mom in Bryan and Bruce grew up in the area, so they knew the same people Doyle knew. Bruce knew the city engineer who had said to the city council “if we had a veterinarian move in, what would we do?' A week later, Doyle came in and they rezoned the property; it was a great location, and the rent was the cheapest place in town.” [When Doyle closed his practice, Geers took over the property and moved their office into that location.]

Doyle didn’t waste any time talking to Bruce about the Lord:

“The first time I got in the car with him, we hadn’t been driving about ten minutes and he started talking about Jesus. He told me he served Jesus. He kept on talking and I thought, ‘Oh no, not another one of these.’ I said to myself, 'I have to stick this out,' because I knew I needed the experience with large animals for my application for veterinary school.”

A few years later, Doyle told Bruce that he just decided he would put it all out there and if Bruce stayed, fine, if he left, so what? By this time Doyle had been through a lot. He had been through Argyle and Carrollton. He taught Bruce about the veterinary business, how to hold horses, how to handle cattle, livestock—

“…but he kept on talking to me about Jesus. ‘You need to be born again and baptized in water and baptized in the Holy Spirit,’ and my response to that was, “What would my friends think?’ ‘Well, you’d get better friends,’ he said.

And then Bruce had a visitation:

“About a month after I had started working with him, I had gone home for lunch and while I was eating, the angel of the Lord stood right there by me, I couldn’t see him, but I sensed his presence. I was somewhat fearful, but was not overwhelmingly fearful. And I said the same thing to him, “What would my friends think?


He said it in a way that these words were a sharp two edged sword that pierced right through me. I did not have anything to say. Of course, he was right. My friends were not friends. So, I had something to think about.

Pretty sure it was the next day, Doyle said I needed to be born again, baptized in water and baptized in the Holy Ghost with evidence of speaking in tongues. My reply was, “Ok, I am ready”. The Spirit of God was helping me and showing me that it was time to get with the program. This was no joke anymore. The Spirit of God was revealing to me that hell was too real and I was sure I did not want to go there. The Spirit of God was also revealing to me the spiritual trouble that I was in. I could sense it, but did not know what it was. I found out later it was sins that were bound up inside me. You could call them curses, devils and strongholds. God later started setting me free of these, little by little.”

Bruce asked Doyle about being baptized and he said something like, “go to your Catholic priest and ask him to baptize you.”

So that’s what Bruce did—told the priest that he wanted to be baptized.

“I didn’t know anything, I just knew what the bible said and it said, repent and be baptized. I had repented, now I wanted baptized in water by immersion. Well, the priest came apart… ‘Oh no, you’ve already been baptized.’ They didn’t do that, so that was the end of that.”

Bruce told Doyle about what had happened with the Catholic priest. Doyle said to talk to Dr. Canafax, pastor of First United Methodist Church, McKinney, Texas, about being baptized. Dr. Canafax asked Bruce if he’d been baptized before.

“Yes, when I was a baby, but I want to be baptized by immersion, will you do that?’ Dr. Canafax reluctantly agreed. We arranged to go to the First Christian Church in McKinney when no one was at the church. Doyle had been teaching Terry Mai and I and we were both baptized by Dr. Canafax and Doyle assisted him. Doyle was teaching a bible study in the Scout building and soon after he prayed for me at one of the meetings and I received the baptism of the Holy Spirit with evidence of speaking in tongues."

Working with Doyle and riding in the car with him provided opportunities for many conversations and Bruce said Doyle always talked to him about God and Jesus and miracles.

“He encouraged me to believe in healing. I could see it was in the bible but I had never seen miracles or healings. We would be walking through high grass and I would be saying, ‘Oh no! Chiggers!’ and Doyle would say, ‘I don’t get chiggers.’ I thought ‘Wow, you don’t’ get chiggers?’ One day as were driving Doyle said, ‘The devil is the God of this world,’ and it was like a revelation to me that day—‘That is right, he is!’ That’s what he would do, just talk and something like that would come up. Doyle is a real person, he would also cut up too, tell funny stories, like the time someone put a goat in his trunk."

Bruce planned to apply to enter veterinary school at mid-term of his senior year, he remembers Doyle talking about getting two or three vet clinics and Bruce said, “It seemed like he was implying I would be in one of them.” Doyle knew the dean at Texas A & M who had been a professor at the University of Missouri when he was in veterinary school there. Doyle called him and recommended Bruce for their veterinary program. The dean said, “Well if you recommend him then that’s good.”

One of the first miracles Bruce saw the power of God work was with a horse he really liked. The horse had problems with his digestive tract and the horse would not get well. He doesn’t remember how it all came about, but the owner agreed to take the horse to Texas A & M after Doyle said there is nothing else he could do for the animal:

“Doyle got a call and found out that the jugular veins where one would normally administer fluids/drugs to a horse was swollen from being used so many times that they weren’t able to use those veins. The doctors said they cannot administer fluids anymore to this horse. I assume the owner asked Doyle to go down to Texas A & M and see the horse. I was visiting some people in Houston and Doyle called me and asked me to meet him at Texas A & M. The horse was an Arabian stallion and I like Arabians. The veterinarian was there and Doyle told them, ‘Well you can use this vein to administer fluids,’ showing them one by the front knee. ‘Well, would you do it?’ they asked, and he did. Doyle told me to get a hold of the horse and I did. This horse had not had many bowel movements, but it did while I was holding the horse. Doyle examined the fecal material. It looked strange. He said it was parts of the inner lining of the intestine that passed out. I knew this horse did not have a chance of living and he was one of my favorite horses. I had an acquaintance, a decent friend, who lived near there and I called him and asked him if we could come spend the night at his house. He said, ‘Yes, come on.’ I did not want this horse to die, I really liked this horse and I was talking to God in my heart. As we drove out to my friends place, Doyle looked over at me and said, ‘Are you praying for this horse?’ I said ‘Yes.’ He told me years later that he thought to himself, ‘I better get to believing God that this horse will be healed.’ The horse didn’t die and they brought him home. Day after day, this horse would not die. Later I was with Doyle and we went to check on him and as we drove in the driveway, the horse was laying down, not flat, but just laying down and he looked real skinny. As Doyle examined the horse we saw between his legs, at his testicles, what looked like a cancer, a large bulge. I asked Doyle if it could be drained and he said no. At the time we did not know this was an abscess. I think it was the next day or two that bulge burst and drained. The horse got well and even became a breeding stallion on top of that. Later he was sold to some people in Kentucky as a breeding stallion. This was one of the first miracles I saw the power of God sustain life when it looked certain that this horse could not live. I think this happened over a period of one month—too much of a mind boggling thing to think this horse would live and not die.”

Bruce returned to college that fall but continued to work with Doyle when he was home on the weekends or whenever his schedule allowed. He applied for veterinary school that year (senior year) but was not accepted. It was probably about January or February of 1978 when he got that news he was not accepted. God had mercy on Bruce and showed him that it wasn’t in his heart to become a veterinarian. He is very appreciative of the Spirit of God working on his heart and showing him this. The Lord further showed him that it was right to come home and work for his Dad. Bruce said, “I had something to come home to and that was to be around Doyle. I was very happy."

"I called Doyle on the phone and said I did not get accepted into vet school. I said ‘I am coming home.’ I could tell Doyle was a bit amazed and touched in his heart."

Bruce stayed and finished his senior year, receiving a four year B.S. degree. Even though he was no longer pursuing a career in veterinary medicine, Bruce was drawn to Doyle and wanted to continue to be around him.

“I sensed the love of God in him and I had never met anyone like him. Also, I sensed he was a righteous person, of which I had seen little in my lifetime, maybe not any. My inward thought was, ‘If I stay around him, maybe what he has will rub off on me.’ You know the bible says, if a person comes to Jesus, he will in no wise cast me out. That is the way Doyle was to me, he did not cast me out. That was Jesus in Doyle that did not cast me out. Most of the veterinarians I had met were prideful and even arrogant, but Doyle was not that way; he told me the truth—at times, it was not easy, but Doyle walked in the love of God and told me the truth in love.”

Bruce attended the bible studies that Doyle had in his home and went to the meetings he held on college campuses.

“Doyle taught me about giving, I saw in Malachi you are cursed if you don’t give and if you give your tithes and offerings, you are blessed.

Malachi 3:

8 Will a man rob God: Yet ye have robbed me. But ye say, Wherein have we robbed thee? In tithes and offerings.

9 Ye are cursed with a curse: for ye have robbed me, even this whole nation.

10 Bring ye all the tithes into the storehouse, that there may be meat in my house, and prove me now herewith, saith the Lord of hosts, if I will not open you the windows of heaven and pour you out a blessing, that there shall not be room enough to receive it.

11 And I will rebuke the devourer for your sakes, and he shall not destroy the fruits of your ground; neither shall your vine cast her fruit before the time in the field, saith the Lord of hosts.

“I saw in the book of Job, Satan came to God and wanted Job. Well, if I’ve got my giving in order, God will rebuke the devourer for my sake. If I had my giving in order, God would tell Satan, he can’t have me or my family. I was pretty happy when I saw in scripture that God would rebuke the devourer if I obeyed him in my giving. I said ‘If you (God) will do this, I will give you what you want.’ My grandmother died from cancer when I was six years old; she was just sixty-six years old and that left an impression on me. I wanted out of the curse, so I started giving tithes(10%) and offerings(additional above 10%). This is a guarantee that will protect me and my family. I am thankful that God, through Doyle, taught me this early on. You also will have to be associated with an Apostle/Prophet ministry for this to work. The Apostle and Prophet supplies the Spirit of Christ.

In 1979, while I was in the shower, I was thinking about a sound system, a particular one just came to me by the Spirit of God and I told Doyle about it. I said ‘Are you needing a stereo?’ I said ‘Go to Radio Shack and look at it.’ He and Terry Mai did, and Doyle said, “That isn’t the one I need but it’s similar (We needed a mobile sound system to take to meetings on campuses and other places). I believed God was telling me to buy the sound system for the ministry. I’m not sure if what I gave covered the whole system or half of the system. Pretty sure this was the first instance of God requiring me to give a large sum of money (at the time, it was large to me).

I remember one instance, before Debbie and I were married, Debbie had bought a new car, and Doyle asked her if she tithed on the car.” Debbie’s reply was something like, ‘Uh, no.’ It was a large revelation to me. It stunned me to think you have to tithe on a car. Doyle then talked more about giving. I started getting a revelation of my life. I had a lifetime of working and making money. Of course, I had not worked much, only gone to school and worked summers. Have I given tithes and offerings on all the money I had ever made? Too scary for me. The answer was no. God made a way for us to get current, not be in the negative column in Heaven and get out from being cursed. After Doyle purchased the church building at Ave. P and 18th Street and before Debbie and I were married, God required me to give a large sum of money and I think required Debbie to give a large sum of money. Soon after, Debbie and I were married, God required us to give a large ‘chunk’ of money in 1982 and in 1983, another large ‘chunk’. If there is one thing I don’t want, that is to be cursed. Also, you can be assured that if your giving is up to date, your family will not be cursed and if they are, God will make a way to escape that curse. Thank God for helping us get out of the curse. As I said before, for this to work, it is most imperative that you be in association with a bonafide apostle/prophet ministry. They are the persons that will supply the Spirit of Christ."

Bruce emphasized it a number of times, how thankful he was that he was taught from the beginning "about the curse and giving."

Bruce shared about his love for cars, how they had become an idol in his heart and God began working in his heart and setting him free after he met Doyle and he began to minister the gospel to him.

“In my early years as a young teenager, I started getting into cars. Dad liked buying old cars and he talked about cars all the time. You know if there is no God in your life, what are you going to do? I got involved with a crowd in high school who were obsessed with race cars. To make a long story short I bought a car—a chevy—put a race motor in it and another transmission in it, took it out street racing on country farm to market highways; I was just constantly messing with it. I got another one and said I was going to race it. I started putting in it almost the hottest stuff that you could put in a car. I had met Doyle by this time. The thing about these race cars, it’s like drugs, getting hooked on it and it’s not good. I used to say,’ that person got bit, they got the race car venom and can’t get free of it. I just kept sinking paycheck after paycheck into that car. It took everything I made, even after I got home from college. I heard one guy took out a home improvement loan to put the money into his race car, that’s how crazy people can get. I think I might have told Doyle, ‘I’m going to put on my race car: MARANATHA’ However, God had been working on me. I had been messing with cars since I was at least 16, now I was 21 years of age. I was ready to start this race car one late afternoon, and said, ‘I’m going to start it in the morning.’ When I woke up God changed my heart, I said, ‘I’m not going to start it, I’m going to tear it down.’ I started realizing by the Spirit of God that this was not a good thing I was involved with. I tore it down; somebody bought the motor and I put a regular motor in it, still a little fast, but it wasn’t anything like the one I had had in it. I would still tinker with my cars but God was getting rid of a lot of stuff. Previous to this, I had an ad in an auto supply in Houston, Texas for a 4-speed transmission for sale. I lived in College Station at the time. Someone from College Station saw that in that Houston auto supply and called me. Houston is 90 miles from College Station. It was mind boggling. He said he also lived in the College Station area and he bought that 4-speed transmission. That is how God was intervening in my life and bringing me out of bondage. After I had put that regular motor (I would call it medium fast) in the car, I drove over to some acquaintances, who had some real hot rods, that were real fast on the race track. There was a group of guys that all had hot rods. Not exactly sure what I said to them, but related that I would not be racing, only would have this car. There were two brothers in town that had the hottest car around. Anyone in McKinney that knows anyone will know who they are. One of those brothers said to me, ‘You are smart.’ He knew something had happened to me. It was God that delivered me through an apostle and prophet.

But I kept tinkering with that car and God was showing me I needed completely delivered from it. The car was sold, I bought a new car."

In 1980 God told Doyle to go to Plano and speak to the people at Plano and Bruce followed him. Doyle spoke his first message in Plano in August 1980. Water of Life Church of Plano, Inc. was chartered in November 1980 and the ministry moved into the current location January 4, 1981.

Bruce met his wife Debbie at one of Doyle’s early meetings. She was a widow with a little boy and she was dating someone else at the time.

“They were looking for a place to go to church and I think they found Faith Temple listed in the paper. That was about September 1980. We met and started dating. I remember after we started dating, Dad and I were surveying the present location of the church in December of that year and Debbie drove up in her little Ford Pinto station wagon, with Riley. In March of the following year we went to Doyle and told him we thought we were going to get married. He made a passing comment like, ‘…give it about six months.’

We did get married; Terry Mai was best man and Kathy Mai was the matron of honor—we invited everybody in the church and lots of relatives. It was the first wedding in the current Water of Life Church building."

Bruce started in his own land surveying business in 1982 which required passing a surveyor examination and applying for a license through the State of Texas.

“It was a miracle to get that license. I was still working for Dad and God absolutely led me step by step. Everyone said the survey tests are, ‘So hard,’ and they also said ‘Hardly anyone passes it the first time.’ It’s a two day, eight hours each day, test. One day I was in the office of an engineer and he said he hired a surveyor who just passed the test. He said go in the other room and talk to him. The surveyor said you need these two particular books. He said they will help you. Someone else told me to get a certain type of computer/calculator, ‘Get it, it will help you.’ Programmable calculators were not accepted and only certain calculators were accepted to use during the test and that was one of them. I called the Surveying Board in Austin and asked the Board Secretary if it was alright to use this particular calculator. Her response was, ‘Yes, it is ok’. To make sure, I called back and asked again ‘Are you sure this calculator is accepted? I have to drive 200 miles to take this test, I don’t want to get there and not be able to use this calculator.’ She assured me it was ok. Months later, after I had passed the test, I learned that calculator was no longer accepted (they realized this thing is too powerful). I also met a guy who told me, ‘You need to go to this seminar,’ (which was a one day seminar), ‘and the teacher shows you problems that could be on the test.’ One of the problems on the test that was worth 25% of the whole grade and that problem was the exact same problem in that seminar. One week before the test, I went to another seminar (a week long seminar) and a guy said, ‘I have a copy of an old survey test,’ and he gave me a copy of it and it had one of those problems on it that was on the surveying test. One of the four hour tests had only one problem. They allowed you four hours to complete this problem. I got hung up on one of the steps and could not complete it. I got through about 10% to 20% of the problem. I wrote a note to the person grading this part and told them how I would finish the problem if I could get past this one certain part. I called Debbie and said I did not pass the test. She said, ‘You need to believe God!’ I was trying to be hopeful, but being through college and only doing 10% to 20% of a test, you usually do not pass it. A few weeks later, I got the letter in the mail that said I passed the test. This was above what I could think. I called Doyle and told him I passed the test. He said ‘Well, I am not surprised.’ That is just how Doyle believes God. He expects things like that to happen.

Something interesting that happened when I was filling out the application to take the test to become a surveyor, I was questioning myself, ‘You have been working as a surveyor, and now you are applying to be a surveyor?’ The seriousness of what I was doing came over me. I thought, ‘Do you really want to be a surveyor as a profession?’ While thinking these thoughts, the Spirit of God moved into the room where I was at, and it was thick—like you could cut it with a knife. I would describe it like the room was full of water, it was thick and it was all over me. I appreciate the Spirit of God confirming what I was doing was the right direction for my life. I cannot repay the Lord for what he has done in my life."

Bruce said that he began reading the Psalms some, in 1984, but not a lot.

“I was just living, working, raising a family. Really, I was still real carnal and sorry to say, not interested in following God wholly. We did go to church and to bible school most every time the doors were open. The first time I read forty Psalms, I was like almost floating, the presence of God was so strong; About 1985 or 1986 I discussed a problem with Doyle and asked him what he thought about it. Doyle said ‘Are you reading the Psalms?’ I said, ‘Ok Doyle,’ he didn’t have to say anymore; in other words, I was not. But I was rebellious and I still did not read much and in 1987, our business was affected, not much work, not much money. It was a real dry spell and we could hardly ever pay the bills on time and that went on until the end of 1991.

God had required some things concerning giving, that according to the courts, was not legal. We were overseers over a minor’s holdings. Prior to that, I had allowed the deceitfulness of riches to lead me into decisions that weren’t the will of God, but just the lust of my heart. I thought God would pay for it. But, when you are not in the will of God, he won’t pay for what you buy. By the time 1990 rolled around, I was in a big mess, none of these large bills were paid and this judge was on our case. It was getting worse and worse. I knew God was saying, ‘Now you are going to do what I tell you or you and your family will be destroyed.’ I started getting afraid real fast. I started reading the Psalms (50 to 100 per day) and I was fasting 6 days a week, eating one meal a day. We still had our giving in order. I told Doyle everything about my situation and his response was, ‘Well, I don’t know what you are going to do.’ He told me years later, ‘A little fear on people is good for them, it will help you get straight’. The start of 1992, God started getting us out of trouble. He started giving us high paying jobs. Also, the judge in the court said that everything we had done was ok, but just do not do it again. That was a big deliverance, because he was at first not a happy judge because of what God made us do. The Lord also gave us a large sum of money through the courts, which paid off all our bills. We told Doyle all this over the phone and he started laughing.

Later Doyle told us, ‘The only reason you are coming out was because of your giving in the past’.

During that time, from 1990 and until about 2005, as I was pressing in, reading Psalms (50 to 100 per day), praying and fasting (mostly 6 days a week). I was being loosed from bands of wickedness (Isaiah 58: 6) and God began setting me free of devils, LOTS of devils; often it was when I was by myself when they were coming out. When I was in college I had a parasitology class and the person teaching the class talked of a pony that had been kept in the back pasture for a couple of years and said when we bring him in, he would be a ‘walking check list’ and he was; he had every parasite/worm a horse could have. I was reminded of that horse when all these devils were coming out of me and I told a sister in the Lord one day about that horse and said ‘I feel like a walking check-list.’ I appreciated her reply, ‘Well, just check them off as they come out!’

I have learned that you have to be led by the Spirit every day, listening for his voice on what he is saying, reading the Psalms out loud, fasting as the Lord leads and led by the Spirit of God in your giving. Also, not thinking that you can rest on what you have done in the past, but always listening and seeking God every day for what He wants.”

God was also working on Bruce’s relationship with his Dad during those years. Bruce shared that God required him to accept help from his Dad when he didn’t have the money to pay a property tax and when Bruce had his own surveying business and no work, he would ask his Dad if he had any jobs and his Dad would be able to send work his way to repay the property tax. There were a times his Dad asked Bruce for help and often it was when Bruce needed work. He has watched God change his Dad and his relationship with his Dad over the years:

“When I began reading the Psalms a lot, I began to see my Dad change for the better. The spirit of the situation was changing little by little and I know it is because I am in conjunction with an Apostle/Prophet ministry”.

Bruce said he wouldn’t trade any of those hard days.

“I appreciate the years of preparation before the power of darkness was to hit this ministry. In God’s timeline, when darkness hit this ministry, He had me enough ready for this to take place. He sent me through hell first, and got me out. I will say, when this darkness was on this ministry, I was thinking about survival for me and my immediate family. Not even thinking about ministering to someone else, but walking daily and considering what was necessary for survival. Doyle has said that no one stood with him. I know for sure that I was not standing with him because of the pressure. It was the grace of God that kept me and sustained me and my family during this period of time and I also know that that grace and power came through His servant Doyle Davidson."

Doyle said once publicly, ‘Bruce has gone through severe correction.’

The Lord told Doyle in the mid-1980s, ‘Because you have obeyed me, my mercy will never depart from your house.’ Doyle told Debbie and I around 1992 that because we had done a certain amount of giving at a certain time, when it was needed, all in your house will be saved forever. Debbie and I have held on to that.”

About 1983, Bruce and Debbie had a conversation with Doyle and Bruce was telling him about a situation. He told Doyle that God was revealing to him (Bruce) that he was a child of the devil. "God was bringing me to repentance." Doyle’s response was, “Bruce, God is taking a bunch of sinners and changing us,’ including himself in that and Bruce found some comfort in those words.

Bruce said that he has been set free from curses and strongholds—curses and strongholds from himself and four generations of fathers. He has also said he has been healed and had miracles happen to him; however, "it may not be time to reveal details of these."

Except for Doyle’s daughter Kathy Mai, Bruce has been with Doyle and Water of Life Ministries longer than any of those who have remained with the ministry, and is a witness of many of the testimonies that have been shared over the years. He reiterated many times during the course of our conversations that it is the Apostle/Prophet ministry through Doyle Davidson that has kept him.

Bruce said:

“It’s the love that the Father has and the love that Jesus has to me through His servant Doyle Davidson. Of course, He is no respecter of persons. He will do that for anyone who will believe and obey Him. Thank God for His mercy!”

Interview conducted by Kathy Currier

Note: This was an interview by phone and took place over a number of days.

*Dr. Derryberry: Doyle Davidson was employed by Derry-King when he moved to McKinney, Texas in 1963, prior to starting his own practice.

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