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Friday, July 21, 2017

A Memorable Day in History

Transcribed and edited from:
Video April, 11, 2011

Doyle: We have a video that was put up last night, it's about an hour, that was filmed November 23rd, 2008, is that right?

Candace: Yes.

Doyle: It was a Sunday morning, first hour and something happened, it was totally unexpected. I didn't have any idea what was about to take place; nor did I know the purposes, what God was doing, nor did I know that within 60 days, Terry Mai would be with the Lord. We had no clue.

Kathy Mai: No we didn't.

Doyle: None. Do you want to talk about what took place, you wrote about it, would you tell us?

Candace: Sure. The first broadcast, Doyle opened the program as he normally did with prayer at that time and when he started praying he began to just, "Thank God", give thanks to the Father and "Praise God" and that went on for just a few minutes and then he said, "You all join me", and all of us began to join along with him, praising and worshipping the Father, just giving thanks to God and within just a few more minutes, maybe three minutes or so, he got my mom's attention over here and she came up and he said, "Get you a group of dancers and lead them." And so she got me and a couple others and we got out on the dance floor and started dancing and worshipping and God and just thanking God, praising God, and it wasn't two minutes or so he said "Candace." well I didn't hear him the first go-around, and I went back around and looked up to him and he said "Candace come here." I came up to him and he said, “Can you play something on the piano?” And no reservation whatsoever, no forethought, “Oh ya!” So I walked over to the piano and set down and thought, “Oh, what am I going to play?” Well, I just put my hands on the piano and began playing, just trusting God that whatever he wanted will come out of my heart and that’s what you saw, or what you will see if you haven’t seen it, since that time. I started playing as everybody else was thanking God, praising the Father and within a few more minutes he turned to the other musicians, Evan Small on the drums, David Brown on the base and Rachel my youngest sister and Linda Stiles on the trumpets and asked them if they could join me and everybody just jumped at the chase and said, “Here we go!” and they did and it was a blessing, it was beautiful, [Doyle and Kathy: Amen], the worship was beautiful, and we continued for about twenty to twenty-five minutes and everyone was in here thanking God, praising God, just thanking the Lord and all of a sudden, “We Exalt Thee,” just kept coming up in my heart, well it was right, I went straight into it and the musicians grasped onto it and we all flowed and the congregation caught on and they started worshipping and singing that song and we got through the verse, most of you that know the song “For Thou, O Lord, art high above all the earth, Thou art exalted far above all gods,” and we got to the end of that verse and Pop had looked at Dad and directed him “Go on up there,” and he came up on this stage and right when we hit, “We exalt thee,” he boomed out, I mean he wailed and with so much strength. You know his voice, you know the anointing that’s there, you know the power that’s there and he pushed it on through and we kept going with “We Exalt Thee,” the dancers kept going, the group that Mom had picked in the beginning was continuing to go on, we went through and sang, “No Other Name” after that, and then we went in to “I Give Thanks” and they switched a couple dancers off and then Pop stopped us and he said, “They that are led by the Spirit of God are the sons of God,” and he repeated that and he said, “You know we don’t do just what we want to do or what we think is right” and he wasn’t going to apologize for what happened, he knew that this was God, and it was. It was a powerful demonstration of the Spirit and power of God at work and a move of the Spirit in this place and it was absolutely beautiful.

And then once he spoke, he spoke around eight minutes or so, we ended the service with Glorify Thy Name with Dad leading us and we just all sat and worshipped God and that was it.

Doyle: Am I correct, that was the last time?

Candace: That morning he led worship, and then the second hour he led worship and then as far as using a microphone, he wasn’t up here anymore using a mic; on his Tuesday broadcast he was up here with me singing for another couple weeks.

But, we obviously had a different direction; you said, “You know you musicians,” us piano players, lead it off and we started doing that and then you know, two months later everything changed.

Doyle: He went to heaven.

Candace: Yes.

Doyle: With a shout.

Candace: Yes, with a shout.

Doyle: With a voice of triumph.

Candace: You see the strength that was in him.

Well we want you to see now… where Terry came up first; I tell you, I hadn’t heard it for 2-1/2 years, until Friday morning when you had it on the compute, it went—BOOM, just like he did. We’re going to share this moment with you, a moment in history, a momentous time, one of great consequence because God was bringing the level of Spirit up in this ministry and bringing Terry to heaven and establishing the dancing and the worship and the praise and Water of Life Boys and the Mai Girls, they were coming forth and God knew it, so we want to share two or three minutes…

You can watch the video of this testimony from April 9th, 2011 below:

Below is the full program from November 23rd, 2008:

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