Luke 4:18 The Spirit of the Lord is upon me, because he hath anointed me to preach the gospel to the poor; he hath sent me to heal the brokenhearted, to preach deliverance to the captives, and recovering of sight to the blind, to set at liberty them that are bruised...

Tuesday, May 23, 2017

More Grace

Now here this, did you know Patti Tinkle Davidson? Did anyone know Patti Tinkle Davidson? Now I want you to think about this and I’ll take your correction. The Lord Jesus Christ knew her and gave her to Doyle Davidson to be his wife, and the Lord knew she had a controlling spirit.

It was a controlling spirit that worked through a heart that wanted to control her husband, it wanted to control everybody and everything. Patti would do anything for me with the idea she would find some way to control me and she was always aware that she was doing it. Why? Because it was the devil.

The devil always knows what he’s doing and man is no match for the devil, he is a deceiver and he will bring you down every time.

Transcribed and edited excerpt from January 9, 2015 Livestream broadcast:

“I met Miss Patti, my wife, when she was sixteen. I saw her walking up Center Hill in Sarcoxie, Missouri and I said, “Who’s that girl, I’ve not seen her before. A new girl in town, huh?” She had moved there. God moved her there to become my wife and your (Kathy Mai) mother. I had no idea what was going on. Pat enjoyed a lot of blessing, a lot of nice things. She was very helpful going through vet school with me, very helpful. She went to Japan with me and brought Kathy. We were married June 5, 1952. But when God called me out of my profession and told me to sell my hospital, Patti was not happy. That was 1970. In 1980 we came here [Plano]. We bought this property January 4, 1981 and the Spirit of God was strong, moving. The anointing was strong in this place; very, very strong. We had a bible school, Water of Life Christian Training School. We were getting Word of Faith satellite for eight months, four nights in a row.

And now it’s September and we are praying in the Fellowship Hall and Patti, my wife, yielded to a voice that was wrong. And I was just walking in there praying and all of a sudden I heard two women laughing uncontrollably. It was incredible. I knew that wasn’t Patti, I knew her, I knew her well. You couldn’t get her to laugh that much, period; although she’d laugh, but not like that, hysterical laughter. I was stunned, frankly, and I walked over to her and her niece and when I got to within a few feet from them a heat hit me. And I thought, “What is this?” And I walked up to her and I said, “Patti, what’s going on?” She said, “The Lord told me to lay hands on Debbie Edge and say, ‘Be filled with the Holy Ghost’.” I was stunned, but I stood there sober like I normally am, thinking, wondering, “How could this be? How could this possibly be? We’re already filled with the Holy Ghost; all of us; we all speak in other tongues. I don’t understand this. And why would the Lord tell you to do that and not me, if he wanted that done again?” I couldn’t accept it, but I wasn’t going to be quick to say, “This is the wrong spirit.”

That day, a sword came between Pat and I. She became an enemy of mine. She hated me. She would see me in my house, I’d be walking down the hall—we lived in Fairview in a four-bedroom house and had been there since 1977; she’d see me and she’d run into me. She was so angry at me. That spirit had taken her over. I didn’t understand her. It got so bad that one day God told me, “Don’t let her ride with you anymore.” It was just incredible. That spirit moved all through this congregation, in the sanctuary, in the fellowship hall, and it moved in other areas of America. It was incredible. This was 1984. I didn’t understand it. Patti was like a wild woman, like an angry woman that hated me and wanted to hurt me. I will tell you how serious it got, and it’s not easy for me to talk about. But I had a semi-automatic Remington 12-gauge shotgun, a double-barrel Savage 20-gauge, and I had them in my closet and I had some shells sitting up on the top shelf. One morning I looked up and those shells were gone. I thought a little bit and I said, “Pat, where are my shotgun shells?” [She said], “I don’t know.”

“Where are my shotgun shells?”

“I don’t know.”

“Don’t tell me you don’t know.”

That was the first real serious confrontation with that spirit. It wanted to kill me. It wanted to destroy me. It wanted to destroy the purposes of God. It wanted to destroy this ministry. I stood my ground. I said, “Bring me those shotgun shell now! In Jesus name bring them to me.”

You say, “Well, we’ve never been that mean.” Look folks that spirit is all over the Body of Christ and it’s that mean to me. [It’s] in preachers, preacher’s wives, all over the world, [it] hates me that much. You could kill me if you could get by with it. You can’t even face me, look me in the eye and talk to me. You turn your back on me when you see me. You don’t have the courage. Why? That spirit you walk in is a false anointing. And that spirit knows I’m an apostle and prophet of Jesus Christ. Unreal how that spirit operates. But Jesus said, “They hated him and they would hate us.” He said they would think they did God service if they could kill us. Oh yeah! Look, preachers hate me, all of you. You can’t deny it. You’ve spoken bad things about me. I was doing a meeting in Anaheim back in the 90s and there was a woman that came in, very well dressed, I know people that are very well dressed. I’m not a respecter of persons, but I’ve been around. I’ve lived where they’ve lived. I saw her after the meeting she came up to me and talked to me and then she left. I didn’t see her until the next day. The next day she came back to my meeting. She said, “I went to Norvel Hays meeting in Palm Springs.” I said, “Yeah?” [She said,] “That’s where I was at before I came over here. I wanted to meet you.” She said, “Norvel and a couple of other preachers where sitting pool side, and I walked up to them. And I said, ‘Do you know Doyle Davidson?’ And three of them in unison, rose and walked off, and wouldn’t answer her. Norvel, you and those two need to repent. I am supposed to be your brother. But you don’t know me. You don’t know me. I walk in the Spirit of Holiness, the Spirit that raised Jesus from the dead. Thank God. I lived with a woman that I loved, the wife of my youth. Fourteen years, from 1984 to 1998, I watched that spirit create havoc in this building, in my home. Kathy Mai, my daughter, she had that spirit take her over as everyone did.

Kathy Mai: Absolutely. You know, in 1985 you sent Terry and I to Denton.

Doyle: That I did

Kathy Mai: God told you, “Get them out of here I don’t want them to be taken over by that spirit.” We were gone from 1985 to spring of 1987, I think, and then we came back. But we were all affected by and taken over by that spirit.

Doyle: That’s true.

Kathy Mai: It didn’t profit us anything. It didn’t take any faith to yield to the thing. It was ridiculous. There was intense heat with it, intense sweating. There was no profiting yielding to this spirit. For a time it would seem like it took pressure off of you. Maybe five minutes but it was not mixing faith with the gospel and that’s what profits you. In 1998 we were heading to South Bend, there were seven of us on that plane. And we were on the Citation and I was sitting on that step and from the back you said to all of us, “I believe that this is a false anointing.”

Doyle: Amen

Kathy Mai: Right there, God showed me that mother had usurped authority over you. It was plain as day, I see this. Right there I had a revelation. That next day you shared at that breakfast about that. From then on things started turning around. We got our hearts back on this gospel and God started setting us free from that thing. In 2007 there was like a final prayer that you and Terry did for all of us. I’m not saying that was it but there was a big deliverance in 2007 where you prayed for all of us—the false anointing, Kathie D, Terre, me, Candace, several of us were here."

Just prior to that Crusade in South Bend, Patti had lost about 70% control of her arms and legs. I called her after I spoke that day, and she told me she had started to get better. Patti recovered and was able to go about her daily activities until 2000 when she suffered a stroke. She suffered many physical afflictions from the plagues of those spirits, but in 2003 she went to heaven, sanctified by the faith of Jesus Christ in me.

Grace, grace, grace, more grace, that’s all I’m praying. I would like to pray grace, grace, grace, more grace on the hearer of this article.

God bless,
Doyle Davidson
Servant and apostle of the Lord Jesus Christ

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