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Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Prophet of Africa Coming to America

In 1985 God sent me to Zimbabwe. I had met Bartholomew Manjoro when he visited my ministry in 1984. He was associated with Forward in Faith Ministries of Harare, Zimbabwe. We became friends and he invited me to come to Zimbabwe in 1985 and I accepted his invitation. I led a tour to Israel in October 1984 and while at the Garden Tomb in Jerusalem, there was an African man and two African women, myself, and two women from Water of Life with me, inside the tomb at the same time. The power of God was strong and all of us were shaking while standing in the cave at the entrance of the tomb where the visitors could stand while looking at the tomb itself.

After we had exited the tomb, I was later introduced to the African man in the tomb with us. His name was Ezekiel Guti and he was the founder of Forward in Faith Ministries. He learned that I was the veterinarian that was coming to Zimbabwe the following year. I was scheduled to speak the second Sunday in Harare and as we talked, Ezekiel asked if I could change my itinerary and be there the first Sunday; it was to be their “Big Sunday” with preachers coming from all over Africa and I rearranged our schedule accordingly.

New Year’s Day 1985 Patti and I and Terry and Kathy Mai left Dallas-Fort Worth Airport headed for Harare. After our arrival, I spoke on Friday and Saturday night at local churches in the area. On their Big Sunday I was scheduled to speak just ten minutes after they conducted some business. The meeting had to finish by 4:00 PM so everyone could catch the last of public transportation. At 3:00 PM Ezekiel came to me and told me they had finished all their business much sooner than they expected and asked if I could speak for an hour. I said “Sure.” I spoke to four thousand people in the sanctuary through an interpreter.

We were there two weeks and all the meetings were packed. We started out in Harare, and went on to Chinhoyi, and Kariba. We ministered in the cities and in the bush. God demonstrated His power in every meeting with mighty signs and wonders. We saw blind eyes healed, deaf ears opened and devils cast out. During our time there, I offered to send three audio tapes to anyone that wanted them.

We began sending teaching tapes to Africa in 1988. Initially the ministry received a request from a pastor for six teaching tapes and God directed me to send ten tapes, which I did. We soon received eight additional requests and from there it expanded rapidly. In 1989 over 47,000 tapes were sent upon request, free of charge, to various ministries in Africa along with individuals.

One day I received a postcard from a boy that said he was nineteen years old and in that postcard he said he wanted to come to my ministry but added, “I’ll wait until you hear God and he tells you to bring me.” His name was Lazarus Maselera, Steddie Muserera’s brother. I did bring Lazarus to America, which is a testimony in itself. After several months, he married and left my ministry. But I always marveled at his boldness in his statement, “I’ll wait until you hear God and he tells you to bring me,” but it was just God. He sent Lazarus ahead to prepare the way for Steddie. Lazarus talked to me about his family, his father and his brother Steddie; Ezekiel talked to me about Steddie. With all that I was told, I knew I wanted to know this young man.

Steddie Muserera became director of Water of Life Ministries, Harare, Zimbabwe when I opened an office in Harare in 1990. Water of Life supplied teaching tapes upon request to over 750 pastors in Zimbabwe, South Africa, Zambia, Tanzania, Malawi, Nigeria, Mozambique, Botswana, Kenya, Island of Mauritius and Zaire (Democratic Republic of Congo) and as stated, all were sent free of charge. In addition to the tapes we sent, I also sent well over one-half million dollars to Zimbabwe and other countries in Africa and we ministered to an orphanage in Harare. Steddie oversaw all our activities, acting as an ambassador for Water of Life Ministries in Zimbabwe until 1994.

We closed our office in Harare, but Africa and her people, including Steddie, never left my heart nor my prayers. On September 26th, 2013, I received a phone call from Steddie and during our conversation Steddie shared with me that two years prior, God had told him to pray for me daily, and for that I am grateful. It was a great blessing to hear from Steddie, to learn that he and his family were doing well and that he had continued to seek God and pray for his nation. Now, God is bringing Steddie to my country and to Plano as a prophet, teacher and a preacher.

Steddie and his wife Susan will be arriving in Plano Wednesday April 5th in time for our evening service at 7:00 PM, and staying for two weeks. They will be joining us on the set for our programs and the sanctuary will be open for all who would like to attend the daily programs at 11:00 AM and of course Wednesday evenings at 7:00 PM , Sunday mornings at 10:00AM and Sunday evenings at 6:00 PM. Steddie will be speaking to the continent of Africa by shortwave radio, six days each week. Saturday April 15th, there will be a reception in the Fellowship Hall immediately following the 11:00 AM program for all who would like to come and meet and fellowship with Steddie and Susan.

God bless,
Doyle Davidson
Servant and apostle of the Lord Jesus Christ

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