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Saturday, December 24, 2016

Trip to Israel (1984)

Excerpt from:
Work of Righteousness 1984
A group from Water of Life Ministries left in October for a tour of Israel. We were joined in New York by a group led by two Baptist preachers. The tour consisted of forty-four persons from New Mexico, Texas, and North and South Carolina. While traveling around Israel a woman that owned a Baptist bookstore sat across from me and found out that I was a prophet. She began to flatter me with “Oh, it is so nice to talk to a prophet!” One afternoon discussing an issue in the Body of Christ, I gave her as an example the seven Spirit- filled churches in the book of Revelation. I said to her, “Understand these were not seven Methodist churches.” A spirit in her pointed her finger at me and said, “I rebuke that critical spirit in you!” My reply was, “That Spirit is not critical, it is trying to instruct you if you will listen.” By early afternoon she became affected greatly by the power of God as in Isaiah 44, God maketh diviners mad. This woman walked in witchcraft and she had rebuked the Holy Ghost.
This lady was trouble the rest of the days we were in Israel. Although she was under my authority as the tour leader, the ministries that brought her wanted to take her to Israeli physicians. I remarked that though she came with them, but they were all under my authority, and I gave them permission. They took her to an Israeli physician, but the medicine they prescribed made her worse. We boarded the plane for home in Tel Aviv and early on she started singing songs that contained four letter words. They moved her to first class, put curtains around her, and two physicians aboard the plane attended to her. Since I was in charge of the tour group they called me up front. I immediately said these are demons talking out of this woman’s mouth but what effect do you think this would have on two physicians? They ignored me. The women grew worse. The daughter of a Baptist preacher with my tour asked me, “Does this bother you?” “No,” I said. “How can you say that?” She replied. “Because I didn’t invite her on this tour, you all brought her and joined me in New York.”
In the little while a stewardess on the airline came looking for me. She said we’ve got to admit this woman to the hospital in Brussels. I said this woman is with me and I will give the airline permission to admit her only overnight and only if the two physicians sign for responsibility to admit her. This took a few minutes but they finally accepted my conditions. Frankly speaking, my group wanted a good night’s sleep anyway, so God was having mercy on us.
One interesting note is I had some that were with me go through her personal effects looking for her passport. It was nowhere to be found. The next morning while in Brussels I received a telecommunication from authorities in Tel Aviv stating they had this woman’s passport. Just before I went to receive that information I had some recheck her luggage and there lying on the top of the clothing was the passport. I read my communiqué and looked at her passport and said only an angel of God could have done this. I then did reply to my communiqué from Tel Aviv saying, “Impossible, I have it in my hands.”
We boarded the plane for New York. When I got on they had already had put this lady in her seat. She was flanked by two of her friends and a sheet over her. She pulled the sheet down and said, “Is Doyle Davidson on this flight?” I stood up and said, “Here I am!” She responded, “We’ll be OK” and went to sleep. She only woke up a short time before we arrived in New York City. I made sure she got through customs and then turned her over to those from South Carolina. We continued on to Dallas-Fort Worth and home. I did receive information one month later that she was under psychiatric care. I have not heard anything since.

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