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Tuesday, December 13, 2016

1983 Water of Life Christian Training School Taught Again Daily

Doyle Davidson arrived in Plano in 1980 to establish Water of Life Church of Plano, Inc. He came from the First United Methodist Church of McKinney, Texas where he was a certified lay speaker, Sunday school teacher and spoke in several United Methodist Church pulpits in North Texas. He was also a member of the administrative board of the first United Methodist Church of McKinney and was asked to pray to dismiss every administrative board meeting.

The building of Water of Life Church of Plano was purchased January 4th, 1981 from Pitman Creek Church of Christ. Doyle started Water of Life Christian Training School in 1983, teaching what God had taught him in the previous ten years.

The doctrine he began preaching in 1983 covers the world today, through livestream internet, television, radio, shortwave radio, satellite, Roku, AppleTV, YouTube, and other devices.

Doyle supplied teaching tapes to Ezekiel Guti/Forward in Faith Ministries and Faith World Ministries /Bartholomew Manjoro in Harare, Zimbabwe, Africa. All in all, Water of Life Ministries sent over 200,000 teaching tapes to 750 pastors in eleven countries in Africa. They received all his tapes free of charge as did everyone who requested tapes in the United States.

Steddie Muserera is also ministering Doyle’s teachings through his church, Living Water of Life Ministries International, Harare, Zimbabwe, Africa. Steddie joined Doyle in 1990, when Doyle opened an office for Water of Life Ministries in Harare. Steddie managed the Harare office for Doyle through 1997.

Ezekiel Guti and Bartholomew Manjoro have each ministered at Water of Life Church of Plano, Inc. three or four times in the 1990s and 2000. Bartholomew was on television with Doyle in 2000, and Mel Tari joined them on one of the programs.

Before Doyle knew he had a ministry, the Lord told him “Your ministry will cover the earth as the waters cover the sea.”

Now, Doyle along with Kathie Davidson, will be preaching and teaching the same doctrines that he taught in 1983 and ministering many of the same scriptures that were included in the First Year/First Semester Scriptural Reference Guide at the attached link:

First Year/First Semester Scriptural Reference Guide

Doyle and Kathie have already begun teaching his doctrines on the daily livestream program at 11:00 AM CT, and Sunday and Wednesday evenings, which includes Roku, AppleTV, YouTube and other devices. They are also ministering on DirecTV through World Harvest Television every Sunday at 8:00 AM and 1:00 PM (ET). You can join us as we minister the gospel in word, song and power.

God bless,
Doyle Davidson
Servant and apostle of the Lord Jesus Christ
Kathie Davidson
Servant and prophetess of the Lord Jesus Christ

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