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Friday, June 24, 2016

Praise ‘85 Plano, Texas

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Praise ’85 Plano, Texas audio

Hello, I’m Doyle Davidson, servant and apostle of the Lord Jesus Christ, ministering locally to the Body of Christ in Dallas and Fort Worth, Texas and sent by God to your house. I’m doing this audio from the office in my home in Plano, Texas on this Friday evening.

Welcome everyone. I am Doyle Davidson, as I said earlier.

I was a practicing veterinarian in North Texas, north of Dallas about thirty miles on 121 Highway and in 1969 after a very successful veterinary practice doing much of my practice equine; God told me to sell my practice, which was lucrative, in an ultra-modern facility. I was thirty-seven years of age. I knew God meant business and I had to obey him.

It was a blessing that I wasn’t looking for. I did not know that it was God’s blessings for me to be [an] apostle and a prophet. No I never expected that. That was not within my scope of thinking. I did not know what God wanted me to do.

But God has blessed me greatly, I even marvel within myself at what God has done with my life. As I set here in my office my emotions are even kind of up and down about what God has done in my life. I am not a very emotional person but I know what God has said to me to do and sent me to the world with the gospel, the death, burial and resurrection of Jesus Christ.

In 1970 I had sold my veterinary hospital and practice and had followed the Lord in the wilderness for ten years. In 1980 God visited me and told me to go to Plano, Texas about fourteen miles south of where I lived and “speak to the people of Plano.”

I asked God, “What do I say?”

He said “Read Acts where the apostle Paul was at Antioch and you will understand.”

I did just what he said, the eleventh chapter of Acts and the thirteenth chapter of Acts. I was somewhat taken back to think that I was a prophet of God but I could read what was in the thirteenth chapter of the book of Acts. I knew the voice of the Lord; I knew what he had said to me. And I thought “Surely I’m not a prophet of God, oh, God, surely I’m not, a teacher, yes, but not a prophet.”

Well it just so happened that later I found that God had anointed me as a prophet to the world when he formed me in the belly of my mother, Alba Sarah Miller Davidson, a woman that I dearly loved, I know is in heaven along with my dad, Lyle Davidson. Thank God. Amen.

When I arrived in Plano I had not been ashamed of what God had told me to do or say. And God told me. “I want you to get the preachers of Plano together,” and I said, “I don’t even know one, how can I do that?”

So within a few days I had a call from the preacher, I had a very small veterinary practice office and I did a few ambulatory horses and a few small animals but I was following God and this preacher said, “I have a problem with a dog and I’ve heard you’re a veterinarian. May I bring him to you?

I said, “Of course.”

So he came and I examined the dog. I did not consider myself a small animal practitioner, rather an equine specialist, but God had humbled me greatly and I examined the dog and I said, “Your dog needs some surgery,” and he said, “Ok.” So I did the surgery and it was successful and this man happened to be a pastor, so-called, in a Plano church.

He came to get the dog and God said, “Don’t charge him.”

So I said, “Fine.”

He said, “How much do I owe you.”

“Nothing, all free. The Lord pays me.”

“Oh,” He said, “That’s tremendous.”

I said, “By the way, the Lord told to get the preachers of Plano together in a meeting.”

He said, “Oh, I know all of them, I will do it.”

I said, “Good.”

That was the wisdom of God; I didn’t even know a preacher. So he got together, I don’t know thirteen, or fourteen preachers, most were charismatics, not mainline, out of the mainline denominational people. They’re not in the mainline at all; if you’re in the mainline, you’re walking in the gospel, that’s the mainline.

So, we got together and had a nice meeting, had a breakfast. In September 1985 we had praise, we had a group that got together and praised the Lord, there were 500 of us. Thank God, amen. And several ministries gathered together. It was interesting to hear these preachers talk.

In September 1985, “Plano Praise,” or “’85 Praise” I think we called it, and I was talking to one of them and he said, “May I speak?”

I said, “Well sure.”

He said, “Do you know what God just told me?”

I said, “No, what?”

He said, “God told me you were a prophet; did you know that?”

I said, “Yes.”

“Well why don’t you ever tell it?”

I said, “Well I do when he tells me to, but he told you.”

This guy said, “Now I know why I have so many problems with you, you’re a prophet.”

He wouldn’t listen. That’s dumb to not listen to a prophet.

Another preacher--he said in the presence of several, “Doyle Davidson, if it’s in his heart it will come out for certain.”

I sat there and I thought, “Ha, ha. Well, if I told you what I knew about you in front of these people, you wouldn’t be happy.”

So now I’m going to tell it right now, he’s one of the biggest flatterers, flattering divination preachers I have ever heard talk. He flatters everybody that will stand still.

Well we had “Praise ’85,” it was successful, very successful. Most of these preachers are gone out of town, but the great flatterer, he still operates in Plano. Amen. Thank God, thank God, amen.

Perhaps I’ve said all that God wants said tonight on this audio, so this is Doyle Davidson from his office in his home in Plano. Good night.

God bless you.

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