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Saturday, June 4, 2016

God’s Warning Forty Years Ago

Update: June 4, 2016

In 2012 I had a vision of a woman. She stood right by my bedside. This woman said, out loud,

“Hi, Doyle, I’m Debbie and I’m here.”

She was fully clothed. I did not recognize her, however I knew it was a spirit of licentiousness talking to me. And that prompted me to contact Derek Prince Ministries, Charlotte, North Carolina about the visions Jimmy Moore had years earlier described in this post.

As I get stronger in faith God is showing me all of the licentiousness that has surrounded me for years in the Body of Christ. He’s showing me this spirit operating through women for more than thirty years, around me. I am seeing the church is full of licentiousness.

God bless,
Doyle Davidson
Servant and apostle of the Lord Jesus Christ

Originally posted October 4, 2012:

God is expanding our radio ministry. In the process of doing so, we were working with a large station in Southern California that ultimately after negotiating could not supply us with an hour of air time. While we were working through the process a spirit visited my bedside at 4AM yesterday, October 3. It was a woman manifest in the spirit that said, “Hello Doyle, I’m (gave her name) and I’m here”. I was wide awake. I did not know the woman, I have never seen her, but I knew she was up to no good. Then yesterday God reminded me about a vision that I had heard thirty years ago. As I remembered it was a vision of six particular cities and the spirit that governed those cities. I remembered that one of the cities was Hollywood and the spirit that controlled it was Licentiousness.

As I began to reflect on that vision I could remember the cities of Hollywood, Chicago, New Orleans, but was unsure of the three others. I was directed by the Spirit to call Dick Leggett President of Derek Prince Ministries of Charlotte, North Carolina. When I called a familiar voice answered, “Hello Doyle!” As Dick and I spoke he remembered this vision as well and said he was just preparing to meet with the lady that manages the archives. He offered to send what information I wanted. Within an hour I received an email from Dick Leggett. In it was two transcripts of the vision and I want to share it with you:

Derek Prince, Tape No. B4434 Shreveport, LA, 6/18/72, Secular and Spiritual Authority (page 20)

Now, I’m going to come down to something very much on earth. And Jimmy Moore is here and he’s the one through whom this happened. So, I’m glad he’s here. And when he isn’t here, I still tell it the same way. About 3 years ago when we were together in the Holiday Inn in Rustin and I was in a period of about 3 days of meetings there, which Jimmy and others would remember, he came out with what he believed that the Lord had revealed to him and he came out with it partly in the morning and he completed it in the afternoon. But essentially—and you can check me if I get anything wrong—essentially what he said was the Lord had shown him that there six centers of Satan’s activity in the United States and six specific evil spiritual forces at work in each of those centers. Is that right? And he gave the cities and the activities. And I’ll give them briefly; I think I can remember them accurately.

The first one was Reno, Nevada, and the activity was the break-up of the American home.

Number 2, Hollywood, California, the activity was sensuality.

Number 3, was New Orleans, Louisiana, and the activity was witchcraft, which is undoubtedly correct.

Number 4 was Chicago, Illinois; the activity was viciousness and violence.

Number 5 was Boston, Massachusetts, and the activity was false religion. You know that’s the home of Christian Science, amongst other things.

And number 6 was Miami, Florida, the activity was political confusion.

Derek Prince Tape No. B4079, Let God Choose Your Mate (page 5)

The Lord showed Jimmy that there were six specific major cities of the United States and a specific operation of Satan related to each one of those cities. I’m going to just briefly outline them without going into details and then I’m going to point out something that I never saw till today. These are the six cities and the way that Satan is specifically at work in each city. Remember, this was given probably 15 years ago. Whatever was true then, in most cases, is truer today.

The first city was Reno, Nevada. The operation of Satan was the breakdown of the American home and family. You need to bear in mind that Reno was the first city in this nation that granted quick divorce. It was the first place you could get divorced in a few hours.

The second was Hollywood, California. The operation of Satan was licentiousness and perversion. That is probably multiplied 10 times in 15 years.

The third city was New Orleans, Louisiana. The operation was witchcraft. We just need to remind ourselves that the entire Mardi Gras ceremony is just unadulterated witchcraft, that’s all it is. Interestingly, one in every 200 persons in the United States is in New Orleans every year for that ceremony.

The fourth city was Chicago, Illinois. The operation was viciousness and violence. Chicago is particularly noted in American history for gang warfare.

The fifth was Boston, Massachusetts. The operation was false religion. Boston is the home of Christian Science, amongst other things.

The sixth was interesting for us in South Florida. It was Miami, Florida. The operation was political confusion.

Most certainly these operations of evil are increasing daily in the United States. It is most interesting for me to meet that spirit out of Hollywood that came right into my bedroom.

On April 22 I had a similar vision at 3:30 in the morning. I posted this:

I heard something sounding like a SWISH! I woke up and there, standing just inside my bedroom was a black man. He was smiling as I looked directly at him and he was wearing an African-style short sleeve shirt in a flower print of greens, blues and other colors and in my heart I said, “What are you doing here?” Obviously God brought me face to face with this person in the spirit, though I am not sure at this moment who it is. Yesterday I posted about Charles Colson, President Nixon and Israel—and now who is this? The black man that I saw early this morning is the “man of sin”, son of perdition that has invaded my land, the United States of America.

I am convinced today that the black man that appeared in my bedroom in the spirit was President Obama.

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