Luke 4:18 The Spirit of the Lord is upon me, because he hath anointed me to preach the gospel to the poor; he hath sent me to heal the brokenhearted, to preach deliverance to the captives, and recovering of sight to the blind, to set at liberty them that are bruised...

Sunday, June 5, 2016

Anointed At The Garden Tomb June 16, 1974

Transcribed and edited excerpt from:
Sunday June 5, 2015 10:00 AM Livestream Broadcast

Hello, I’m Doyle Davidson, servant and apostle of the Lord Jesus Christ ministering locally to the Body of Christ in Dallas and Fort Worth, Texas sent by God to your house to declare unto you the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ.

1 Corinthians 15 tells us what the gospel is, how that Jesus Christ died for our sins according to the scriptures, he was buried and he rose again the third day, according to the scripture.

The Spirit of the Lord is upon me because he has anointed me to preach the gospel to the poor, sent me to heal the brokenhearted, preach deliverance to the captives, recovering of sight to the blind, set at liberty them that are bruised.

The word is nigh thee, even in your heart and in your mouth, that is the word of faith which I preach that if will confess with your mouth the Lord Jesus and believe in your heart that God hath raised him from the dead, you shall be saved, for with the heart man believeth unto righteousness and with the mouth confession is made unto salvation.

I am not ashamed of the gospel of Christ, for it is the power of God unto salvation to everyone who believeth, to the Jew first and also to the Greek; therein is the righteousness of God revealed from faith to faith, as it is written, the just shall live by his faith.

I’m Doyle Davidson, president, founder, apostle, of Water of Life Ministries of Plano, Texas. In 1958, at age twenty-six [after] four years in the U.S. Navy ( I was a hospital corpsman) I had been accepted to enter the School of Veterinary Medicine, Class of ’62. The Spirit of God fell on me and said, “I do not want you to be a veterinarian, but a minister of the gospel.” I had never had God on me like that; I thought I had experienced some, but not much. I was raised in John Wesley Methodism, just what John Wesley taught, that’s where I went to church.

I went ahead and graduated, established my own practice, McKinney Texas, thirty miles north of downtown Dallas, Texas.

January 2nd, 1970 I had obeyed God, sold my veterinary practice and my hospital. I obeyed God, did what he said to do, not knowing where I was going.

In 1974 I was doing a practice on a small basis, just enough to make a living and I was at a Kenneth Copeland meeting in Fort Worth, Texas and God said, “Give $50 in this offering and I’ll send you to Israel.” I had no idea I would ever go to Israel. So, I gave $50 and in about three or four weeks I received a letter from someone I knew very well, Derek and Lydia Prince. I spent a year, in 1971 and 1972 in south Florida and I visited their home many times. They invited me, Patti and my daughter, (Pat’s in heaven and my daughter is Kathy), to go on the Family Tour to Israel in June 1974.

God supplied the down payment, that came quickly; but then I had to pay an extra $3000. They called me and said, “Are you going to Israel?”

I said, “Yes.”

“Have you got your money?”


“What? You don’t have your money?”

“No.” “

But you’re going to Israel?”


“Well, I’m going to have to put someone in your place.” They did. That night that man died. Next morning they called me and they said, “You going to Israel?”


“You have your money?”


“But you’re going?”


“But you don’t have your money.”


“Well, going to have to put someone else in your place.” That night one of the family members had emergency surgery. They called me the next day; they said, “Doyle, are you going to Israel?”


“Do you have your money?”


“Well I don’t think I’m gonna’ put anybody in your place.”

I’m thinking, “You’re getting the picture.”

That night someone called me. “They said, “You going to Israel?”

“Yes.” “You got your money?” and I always thought it was an interesting response: I said,

“How much do you have?”

They told me.

I said, “You want to give it to me?”

They said, “Yes.”

I said, “Let me add this.” I added it up and I said, “That’s enough, that’s enough.”

So, we got our tickets, our lodging, in Israel and we are off, the 8th day of June 1974. We had 133, one dollar bills; that was all I had, and Pat and Kathy. Sack lunches and the evening meal and lodging and 133 one dollar bills.

We fly to Israel and we get there, I think it was the 9th, I’m not sure exactly, but we landed in Tel Aviv and the next day we went north to Mount Carmel; then the Sea of Galilee. We spent several days there, wherever we were at, then we go to Jerusalem

. I’d never been to Israel; I did not have a desire to go; I did not know why I should go; I didn’t have a reason. But God had a plan.

So, on Sunday morning, at the Tomb of the Garden, June 16th, we went to church at the Tomb of the Garden in Jerusalem. There was a reverend speaking, Jan Willem van der Houven; I’d never heard of him. We were all setting there on the pine benches, under (whatever they were), some kind of trees. It was hot, the power of God came into my heart. I had never experienced anything like it. I did not hear one thing that Reverend van der Houven said. God was ministering to my heart.

I had been baptized in the Holy Spirit, spoke in other tongues. I had cast out some devils; I had prayed for people and they got healed. God was moving in my house. My wife, (whose in heaven, by the way), had had an upper-respiratory infection for several years, but we were driving in obedience to God, and God healed her, just like that, near Cabool, Missouri on U.S. 60. I just stopped and got out and went back to her car, it was just God. She said, “Doyle, the Lord just healed me.”

“How do you know?”

“Because everything’s gone.”

“Well, that’s fine, thank God.” God was with us.

But God was anointing me for a ministry at the Tomb of the Garden; not expected, had no idea that would come to pass. But Paul Peters will read the verse of scripture that was burning into my heart. I was just hot, hot, and the words in Acts 1:8 being spoken by the Spirit of God being spoken into my heart.

Paul Peters:

Acts 1:8:

“But ye shall receive power, after that the Holy Ghost is come upon you: and ye shall be witnesses unto me both in Jerusalem, and in all Judaea, and in Samaria, and unto the uttermost part of the earth.”

That was an amazing day to me, that Sunday morning. I never told anyone one thing. I didn’t tell Derek Prince, or Lydia; I didn’t even tell Patti, my wife. I just kept it to myself; I’m that kind of a person.

An amazing thing happened in the afternoon. We were out in Jerusalem; I think there were forty-some of us, there might have been—I think there were fifty-some of us. (The tour I led later was forty-four.) We were out and Derek Prince caught up with me and he said, “Doyle, President Nixon is going to come right by this corner in a few minutes; let’s go over there.” We went, Pat, (I don’t know if Kathy Mai was there or not, she knows.), but Patti was and Derek and I and I believe Lydia was. We were standing right on the sidewalk, right by the curb. You could look up at the buildings and on top of them were sharpshooters, we were right in line I think, if they were going to take a shot. I’m sure that’s why not many people were there, but God placed us there. In a few minutes, a limo came: Henry Kissinger. I didn’t know him but I recognized him, had seen him on television. In a few more minutes, (two or three, something like that) another limo came: President Nixon, right by us.

Interesting thing, there was a great lot of talk about the President, about his problems with Watergate, amazing. The tour, the group I was with, they thought the press was not being fair. I said, “There’s something here; I don’t know what, but there’s something here, there’s too much fire.”

Well, that was June 16th and on August 9th, I think, President Nixon resigned President of the United States of America. I certainly believe the anointing that was on me went on President Nixon and convinced him that he should resign.

You see folks, I know I’m an apostle, I know I’m a prophet. I had not an easy time, to accept that, not an all, not an easy time to accept it. But in 1980, I did accept that I was a prophet and in 1985, an apostle.

But back to Israel, after Nixon and Kissinger driving by, I don’t recall just what we did. Monday, I don’t know, we went somewhere; but Tuesday evening, we were staying at the St. George Hotel in Jerusalem and Pat and I went into the dining room and looked around and it was full; but there sat Derek and Lydia. We knew them well and Derek stood up and said, “Doyle, would you and Patti like to set with us?”

“Sure.” We set down and within a minute or two, Derek said, “Would you like to speak for ten minutes in Christ Church tonight?”

“Yes, sure will.”

So I get up and excuse myself and go to my room. I said, “Alright Lord, now that I’ve opened my mouth and said yes, what do I say?” He told me, out of Joshua, “my house…my and my house, serve the Lord.” Now understand something folks, you may think I was a novice, but remember, I walked away from a very successful veterinary practice that I established: I brought in a veterinarian to work for me, I brought in a partner and actually gave him one-half of the practice. He was an excellent veterinarian, I knew him. Later he had to buy the place, God made him buy it.

You see, I have experience with God, success with God; not: I felt like I should do it. I never felt like I should do any of it. I was not anxious to be a preacher, quite the contrary; I resisted the thought of it. But God convinced me, “This is what I want you to do.”


So, back to Jerusalem:

Tuesday night, 18th day of June, thank God, I speak at Christ’s Church at the request of Derek Prince. I had ten minutes and I knew what I should say. I read the scriptures in the book of Joshua, where Joshua said, “…me and my house, we’re going to serve the Lord.”

Paul, would you happen to have that? [Paul: Yes I do.] I thought so.

Joshua 24:

15 And if it seem evil unto you to serve the Lord, choose you this day whom ye will serve; whether the gods which your fathers served that were on the other side of the flood, or the gods of the Amorites, in whose land ye dwell: but as for me and my house, we will serve the Lord.

This young man has become someone that serves with me as an apostle. He really has an ear and a heart to hear God and I do thank God for him. I think he just turned twenty-three? [Paul: Yes.] Goodness sakes, but when I was twenty-three, that was—nothing. But I appreciate him, I just knew in my spirit he had those verses of scripture, that was not pre-arranged. You see what God has put with me to walk with me since Terry Mai went to heaven after walking with me for nearly thirty years.

I read in Christ’s Church those very scriptures and afterward a man name Bill Subritzky, New Zealand, a builder, a lawyer, came up to me and said, “Doyle, I’m a lawyer.”

I said, “Yes.”

“I’ve presented a lot of cases to a judge, and before a jury and I’ve heard a lot presented, but I’ve never heard anybody present what you did—concise, short, understandable,” something to that effect, very complimentary.

I said, “Well thank you.”

It was a blessing, that trip to Israel; God anointed me. There is a lot more that I could say, a lot more. Oh, I’m going to, I am going to. Alright Lord.

Lydia Prince had become a very good friend of Patti and I. Derek would go out of town, not often and she’d stay in Ft. Lauderdale and we lived in Hollywood, [Florida]. She was on that trip to Israel. We knew her well.

We were at a store, we had been to Hebron and on our way back to Jerusalem and were in the store to shop and Lydia was sitting in a chair and she saw me and she said, “Doyle, come over here, come over here.”

I said, “Yes?”

She said, “Do you have something to say to me?”

I said, “Yes I do.”

“Well speak it.”

Derek moved up real close to her right. She was weaker and weaker and I kneeled down so she wouldn’t have to look up. I said, “You need to stop listening to your children, who are putting fear on you and keep your mind stayed on the Lord.”

Derek said, “That is not true.”

Lydia pushed his hand out of the way and said, “Derek that is true and you know it.”

That blessed me.

She said at another juncture, “God has done more with you in five years than any man in this earth,” and guess what man was standing right by her? Derek Prince. Lydia obeyed God; she didn’t care if you were friend or foe. She was one bold woman, a woman that I loved dearly.

One night in Florida, riding down U.S. 95, she’d asked Pat and I to drive her to Miami; we did and we were coming back to Fort Lauderdale and none of the three of us were talking. Lydia said, “You know what I like about you two?”

I said, “No, what?”

She said, “You don’t have to be entertained.”

I thought, “That’s what I like about you.”

I didn’t know God wanted that on this, but there’s more Lydia said to this man, to encourage him and his ministry and Patti and Kathy, our daughter.

Oh, we came home, back to Texas, and God has ordered my steps in his word prior to that trip and since that trip to Israel, anointed at the Tomb of the Garden, June 16, 1974.

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