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Thursday, February 11, 2016

A Life Lived Wholly Unto God - Chapter 14: Radio and Television Ministry

A Testament of the Grace of God on His Servant
by Kathryn Currier with Doyle Davidson

In October 1981, a few months after they had moved into the new facility, Doyle’s radio ministry began. The Lord directed him to go on 1600 AM in Plano, ministering five days a week and within six months he was on twenty stations all over the United States.

He began teaching on live television April 1984 on Saturday evenings on Channel 49, Dallas/Fort Worth and by June 1986 he was taping a recorded program for Sunday mornings at 8:00 AM on the same channel.

God had told Doyle that his ministry would cover the earth and He spoke to him in January 1992, “The things I have promised you I will bring to pass in this season.” Shortly after, his television ministry expanded with Channel 12 Joplin and LeSEA Broadcasting Network with all of its stations. Then the ministry went on to include CBS, PAX-NBC, Fox, WB, cable and other independent stations along with satellite. The program was in such markets as Los Angeles, Denver, Dallas-Fort Worth, Tulsa, South Bend, Nashville, Houston and others. At one time the ministry was on 25 television stations in the United States. They had five one-hour broadcasts, weekly on many of the stations as well as a one-hour radio broadcast on short-wave, five days a week. These radio broadcast covered a majority of the world’s population. He had become acquainted with Lester Sumrall, the founder of LeSEA Broadcasting and they developed a close friendship. Lester recognized Doyle was led by the Spirit of God and Doyle respected Lester’s faith and all that God had done through him. They had a mutual love and respect for one another. Lester went to heaven in April 1996 and Doyle continued with LeSEA until early in 2000 when he was removed from their television and short-wave radio stations. Other stations, like PAX Communication were removing him from their stations because of the content of his messages. His weekly television expenses were over $40,000 per week, amounting to over two million dollars per year. A check accompanied every tape.

God showed Doyle twelve men he appointed as apostles and they went on radio KPPC 770, Dallas. They each had their own time-slot airing on Saturdays and Sundays. The apostles were Terry Mai, Ralph Edge, Bob Buckner, Basil Clark, Jack Turquette, John Ferguson, Steve Brown, Donnie Cauthorn, Wally Edge, Randy Brooks, JR Staton and Dwyane Jackson. They remained on radio until 1997.

Those twelve apostles began appearing on their own 30 minute television programs in July 2001. They were aired on Channel 55, Dallas-Fort Worth. Kathy Mai was a regular on Terry Mai’s broadcast, hosting her own 30 minute show and Ralph Edge’s wife Debbie also hosted a 30 minute segment on Ralph’s broadcast. Lisa, Doyle’s second wife, appeared regularly with Doyle and also hosted her own 30 minute show. Terry and Kathy Mai regularly led worship on Doyle’s programs. Water of Life ministries paid for all the air time for every radio and television broadcast. Television managers told Doyle that he was the only ministry that paid for his air time in advance. These programs continued until 2003. The following year the twelve apostles went out by twos and ministered in hotels in various locations in the Dallas-Fort Worth area.

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