Luke 4:18 The Spirit of the Lord is upon me, because he hath anointed me to preach the gospel to the poor; he hath sent me to heal the brokenhearted, to preach deliverance to the captives, and recovering of sight to the blind, to set at liberty them that are bruised...

Thursday, January 28, 2016

Vision - God's Daughters

Excerpt of transcript (edited) from Livestream Broadcast Sept. 10, 2014

Doyle Davidson:

This morning I woke up, I’m not sure what time and I heard a song, "Holy Highway" is being sung and it was beautiful and I was in my bed during that song and seven women, white women appeared, they were all dressed in what seemed to be a bit of lavender and mostly blue. And they had on these dresses about at their knees and they had a neckerchief on, had a square knot and two ends, they were all in the same color as the dress. The knot was placed just right at the top of where the dress v-ed. Now, these women were of brown hair and they had full faces and they had some type of lipstick, lip dressing on their lips. They were very alert and looked very nice. Then in a few seconds they left my presence and I saw out in front of me a rolling hill, valley—hill, they had trees on them, well groomed/kept, trunks maybe ten feet up with no limbs and above that point, limbs with leaves on them. The grass was brown, you could see all under the trees, the brown grass. I presume it was in the fall of the year, warm weather, that might be presumption on my part and I said so and then, as I said, the song “Holy Highway” was being sung, beautifully done, and when I saw these women, their dress I thought “Well someone is doing a production,” some ministry perhaps. “How come I’m seeing it?”

And then, I actually wasn’t sure who was singing “Holy Highway” but it sounded like Water of Life, it sounded like Terre, the Browns and Paul Peters but I couldn’t be sure of anything. Then I heard a song, “I’ll Return,” being sung and as I looked out in front of me, I set up in bed, I wanted to see more clearly, and I saw women, kind of coming from various directions and merging in a smaller focus and I was stunned. I thought, “Where am I?” I knew I was in my bedroom because I leave the bathroom lights on just to the right of my bed so I can see to get to the bathroom at night and I looked and it was there and I felt and I found KD and I said “Well this must be in my house but where are all these people coming from?” and then I heard the song like I said, “I Have Returned.” At first I thought it was someone else singing it and but then I think “Well, this is Chico Holiday” and I have “Holy Highway” and “I Have Returned” by Chico playing in the bedroom along with other songs. Then I heard the Mai Girls singing “It Is Your Love,” I recognized them for sure with that song and I was amazed, “What’s going on?”

Now the women I no longer see. I saw in the vision I think four men, my goodness, that might have been the quartet, Water of Life, but I don’t think they sang a song anyway, next after the Mai’s came Terry Mai, Water of Life Boys singing “Rise and Be Healed”, I still wasn’t sure all this was taking place in my house but I’m beginning to get a confidence in what I’m looking at and it’s beginning to form a purpose, “Holy Highway”, “I Have Returned” to the God of mother, father, childhood, so forth, “It Is Your Love”, God’s love, then “Rise and Be Healed” followed by “Rise Again,” Terry Mai and the boys, followed by “There Stood a Lamb”, I have not said a word to KD at all, amen, amen, “There Stood a Lamb”, next I heard, “I’ll Rise Again”, followed by that I heard a song by Terre Brown, “That’s What the Cross Is For”, that’s still while I’m getting the picture, then I heard another one, I forgot what it was then I heard the Brown Brothers, “Sojourner”, then I heard others, Terry Mai and the Boys, I heard track on “I Proclaim the Name of the Lord”.

But to backup from the Mai Girls forward, I was in a huge building, the ceiling was somewhat concave, and it was painted rose color, amen and over the rose it looked like they had just splattered maybe a lavender blue, beautiful. Overwhelming, it looked way up like a huge building, yet I’m in my bedroom. I was well aware of everything as I am right now. How come you’re weeping? well I started that at about the end of an hour…I said, “I believe this is the healing of God’s daughters.” That’s Jeremiah 8… “healed the hurt of my daughters slightly.” I began to weep knowing I was interceding for God’s daughters to be healed and that I had waited for since 2004 or 2005, but let me share something with you. In 2010, actually Kathie D and I were praying in the fellowship hall and Terre Brown, the one that God told me to deliver in September 1992, joined us on May 14 and we were praying and [Kathie D said she had wrote down that God gave Doyle Matthew 18:20]

I can see, I’m going to make this plain…that through the worship, praise and thanks, ministries of song--the great deliverance will come which I’ve been assured of that for a long time, which God spoke to me in 1987 about that, and in that will come the healing of God’s daughters, complete, they have to be. The church can never be assembled, never, until the daughters are being healed as it is being assembled. It has to be, I’ve been at this 44 years and I know what I’m talking about. So it’s going to be a glorious time to see God heal his daughters and is most certainly going to take place.

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