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Thursday, January 21, 2016

The Barney Filarski Family of Sarcoxie, Missouri

When I was two till about five years of age my family lived about a half a mile from the Barney Filarski family. Barney was the father; Genevieve was his wife’s name. They had three daughters; Julie, Rosie, and Helen and ten boys; John, Eddie, Tony, Joe, Bill, Frank, Fred, Raymond, Clem, and Tommy; thirteen children in all.

Joe, Frank and Fred worked for my dad when I was a small boy. Both Joe and Frank fought in World War II. I remember Frank after he returned from the service would tell me, “Just because you are the boss’s son doesn’t mean you are not going to work! Get you a pick and shovel and wheelbarrow and get to work!”

Fred began working for my dad when I was about thirteen and was still working for him in 1956 when I returned from the Navy and joined them. He became a great friend to me. Fred and I loaded a long, large in diameter, butane tank in Jasper, Missouri to be shipped to another location. The tank weighed about 120 tons and used two cars to carry it. The tank set on one flatbed railroad car with two bolsters. The second car didn’t bear any weight but was needed for the length of the tank and turning purposes. That was the last job and last time I saw Fred Filarski.

At least two of the three girls helped my mother with housekeeping. I loved them all and they were great influences in my life. I expect to see them all in heaven.

Obituary for William “Bill” Filarski:

Obituary for Bernard Joe Filarski:

Obituary for Rose G. Hill:

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  1. Frank Filarski passed away June 9th, 2017.