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Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Bob Buess

Following are a few notes about Bob Buess, the man who prophesied to Doyle at a Full Gospel Business Meeting in Denton, Texas, saying first to a preacher: " are spiritually impoverished and you are physically impoverished," then he looked at Doyle and said, "God has showed me this man has a great determination and God is going to use him for His purposes. Now I didn't see this because of his face, although he has a strong face, but this is what God is saying about this man."

“Bob Buess goes to heaven
Bob Buess, longtime mentor, spiritual advisor and friend to this ministry died on June 1 of this year [2008] leaving a legacy of faith and bulldog spiritual tenacity. An encounter with Bob Buess was a never to be forgotten experience. With a strong voice, he would bellow, “Praise God! Praise God! Praise God!” and set the atmosphere for fellowship. Bob was the author of many Christian books, including “Favor, the Road to Success” and “Laws of the Spirit” and was notable among Christian ministers for his prophetic gifts and boldness. Bob consistently challenged us in prayer and moving into a deeper dimension with God. His own life, particularly in the later years, consisted of many hours of deep intercession and worship. We thank God for his faithful friendship and spiritual insight.Lillian Buess, Bob’s lifelong partner in life and ministry, plans to continue to carry on the ministry.”

Source: From “Go Preach Tom Shanklin Ministries” July 2008 -

“Remembering Bob Buess
Anyone who knew Bob Buess knew he was a man who spent his life praying and praising God. Bob spent much time seeking God and interceding for God's children. He was known for saying, "Praise God! Praise God! Praise God!" Bob Buess accepted Jesus Christ as his Savior at age 19. Soon after, he was called to preach the Gospel. In 1962, he received the Baptism of the Holy Spirit. This experience ushered him into a realm of spiritual reality and power he had never known before. After this, he began to move in the gifts of the Spirit. Bob was known world wide as a prophet of God. He ministered in such places as Malaysia, Singapore, Australia, Africa, Mexico, Canada, and nearly every state in the United States. During his time on this earth, he wrote several books which are available at our store. Bob is especially known for his message on Favor. Two of the books were never printed. We have made these books available as e-books.”

January 1984 D-Magazine little paragraph in the Best and Worst column:

Bob Buess, pastor of the Christ of Life Church in Far North Dallas, prays for people’s teeth. By the end of one service, 17 church members had stood and declared that their molar problems were over. "God is filling your teeth," Buess says. "He is working miracles in your mouth."

Bob Buess wrote 2 books about the discipleship movement and below are two excerpts included in a research paper:

“A Research Paper by Don Vinzant and F.H. Martin, Both from Church of Christ 

Bob Buess, a charismatic pastor from East Texas, wrote in his book THE PENDULUM SWINGS, (self-published, 1974): "Some pastors and elders set themselves up as little 'Hitlers' over the flock…Some even go so far as to demand submission for you. You cannot make a decision for yourself…It is not as a Chinese writer (evidently, Buess refers to Watchman Nee - DV), states : 'Blanket obedience regardless of morals or righteousness, simply for obedience's sake…" (pp.11-13)

In the book cited above, Buess dealt with several pressing matters in the charismatic world whereas in his book DISCIPLESHIP PRO AND CON (also self-published, 1975) he focuses on the discipleship/shepherding issue. "Being like Jesus is one thing, but to be like your shepherd may be completely different…A discipleship program must not make disciples unto men. The modern discipleship program often does that very thing…In neo-discipleship groups, there is absolute submission to the shepherd. Everyone is submitted in a regimented (army type) authoritarian chain of command."

Bob graduated from Baylor University, he was a Southern Baptist minister and after receiving the baptism of the Holy Spirit, in newspaper announcements of his meetings , he was referred to as an evangelist and sometimes as a Baptist missionary.

Compiled by Kathryn Currier

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