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Thursday, January 14, 2016

A Work of Righteousness - 2011

Comforted Together with You

For I long to see you, that I may impart unto you some spiritual gift, to the end ye may be established; That is, that I may be comforted together with you by the mutual faith both of you and me. Romans 1:11,12

The Muskogee Meetings. We held a Dinner and Worship meeting once a month at the Muskogee Civic Center through August. This was the perfect place for those that are part of this ministry, from the three Water of Life Churches to meet, fellowship and worship together. God also opened up ministering to the Native Americans. Besides the music groups from Water of Life Ministries; the Water of Life Boys, the Mai Girls, and the Hurley’s, we welcomed Native American groups from the surrounding area. A local Barbecue Restaurant supplied our meals.

Finding “God on the Mountain.” In the first week of April, I heard someone do a song that had ministered to me back in the ninety’s. I said to my wife Kathie, “There is a family that did this song years ago, see if you can find it for me.” When Kathie entered typed in what little information we had on the Internet, up came the very video I had heard. This is how we found the song, “God on the Mountain” by the McKamey’s. We began introducing this and other songs into our worship.

Prayer on Facebook. Friday, April 8th was the first time posted on my Facebook page, Doyle Davidson, a time in the evening where we played songs, prayed and believed with listeners to be ministered to. We began with “Adoration” by Water of Life Boys. Later, we broadcasted worship from our live stream while listeners joined together in prayer at 9:00 every evening, many “checking in” on Facebook.

Joplin Tornado. Sunday, May 22, beginning at 5:34pm, a devastating tornado hit the town of Joplin Missouri. 75% of the city was destroyed, 160 lives were lost. This is a city I grew up not far from and had been preaching the gospel there for more than sixteen years.

Early the next morning I woke up very sick and weak. I could barely stand. I spoke to the Lord, “I’ve got to have some help, I need your mercy.” As I talked with Kathie D I began to overcome. Then, on the news, I heard the video of a woman, caught in a convenience store as the tornado was approaching. You could hear many in the store crying, screaming and giving direction, but through it all you heard her voice first steadily say, “Heavenly Father” and then calmly and deliberately speak, “Jesus, Jesus, Jesus,” over and over as the tornado passed through. All that were in the convenience store were spared. Her prayer along with mine provided the strength for me to overcome all my weakness.

Several days later on the 27th I spoke to Curt Hurley about ministering and assisting in the relief effort to Joplin. Within a few hours Curt had an office and was distributing hot food on the parking lot of the destroyed high school. The next day a group of us joined him and we ministered hot food and the gospel to hundreds in that area.

It was not long after that the Lord directed us to build a house for one of the victims of the tornado. The Lord led us to a family that their home had been completely destroyed. God provided the money to begin construction and on June 6th we broke ground.

My Native American Ancestors. On June 27th, after a time of prayer, I told my wife, Kathie D, the Lord has directed me to look into my paternal grandmother’s ancestry. The next day as Kathie was researching for me, she found my great grandmother was a Native American. It encouraged me more that God had previously directed me to minister to the Native Americans in this country. The next day we received an email from a relative that just confirmed that finding.

Reading the Word of God. Because of the pressure from spirits I have been fighting, my sight has been dimmed since 2009. I was watching Fox News on the evening of September 7th and Kathie D asked me a question about one of the men being interviewed. She asked me if I really could see his name in print on the bottom of the screen. I replied, “Why, yes.” We both realized the extent that my eyes had improved. Kathie then knew how we could adjust the print on a page so that I was able read again, the first time in over two years. The next day I read Romans 10, the gospel, on live-stream.

Meeting in Anderson. Along with the meetings at Muskogee, we met with those that were in Anderson, Missouri for a couple of meetings, joining them in worshipping with the live broadcast from Plano and fellowshipping with them afterwards.
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