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Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Making of A Prophet - God Healed a Stallion

Testimonies of Doyle Davidson

Transcribed and edited from Saturday, October 19, 2013 (2nd Hour) Live Stream Broadcast

Most of you that have heard me know that I was once a veterinarian and I did a lot of horse practice in the United States. Last hour we talked about a miracle where God delivered the foal of a broodmare that was in labor, a thoroughbred mare from Fort Worth, Texas.  The foal could not come forth and they called me and I worked for thirty minutes or more and I was exhausted. It’s a lot of work delivering a baby. You got four legs, one long neck and one long head, connected to a body and when they are not presented properly, they are difficult to get out. I shared it, you’ll have to listen, God did a miracle for me, it was amazing and it humbled me greatly, I will tell you that. And that’s the purpose of miracles, that you might believe. When you see a miracle, you are required more, to believe God; at least you’re going to have to consider. God. When He began ministering healing and casting out devils through me, it happened to be on people, but it wasn’t long till God started ministering to horses—horses and dogs and God put me face to face with His power and my professional ability. No comparison, don’t try it.

One day, early in the evening a client of mine called me, west, thirty or forty miles, that had an Arabian stallion suffering from what is commonly known in the horse business as colic—stomach ache, pain, and that is a dangerous thing in horses, many die with it because they have such large capacity in their intestinal tract—large, a lot of food. No Lord, I’m not going to say that…I have to repent. I heard a stupid man, a professor once say God did a poor job of creating a horse. I didn’t want to repeat his stupidity and God said, “Tell it.”  That’s what you pay on a university level. You know scripture says it’s a shame to even talk about what they say and I thought, Lord I don’t want to say that---“Yes you do. Tell them what they think of me in universities.” Well He didn’t do a poor job creating a horse, they just belong to people who are cursed and the curses of the man or woman also go over on the animals. Now I can prove this biblically, that’s where I received the knowledge, and by the Spirit of God. So, I think I can move on—I tell you, I fear God and I don’t want to say anything that might hurt God’s reputation because He does have one but when He tells me, I’m going to say it. And there are a lot of fools at universities that profess Christ and hate His works. Amen. John 14:12, “Verily, Verily I say unto you he that believeth on me, the works that I do he shall do also and greater works shall he do because I go unto my Father,” and that’s what I do, greater works, more of them, not greater in power, but more of them. I’ll say this and I’ve got to—this folks, is health care. This is divine health care, free of charge. And you’re going to be hearing a lot from me in the days ahead how from 1970 to 2003 I went all over this country teaching and praying for the sick and casting the devils out of people—God’s people, but in June 2003, God sent me to America to the 48 states on the mainland with six other people to pray in every state in the Union. We did that in every state on the mainland. We have two more and I can remember when they were not states, that’s how young I am but don’t let that bother you. I am stronger than you are in the Lord and the power of His might, I could take on a bear, or a fool, or Goliath and have. But God sent me there to pray and since that time there has been nothing but war against me and my ministry. It’s been ten years but I’ve overcome. America has really deteriorated in the last ten years—morally, financially, in every way you look at it. The wicked have invaded America in a great way and it’s manifesting more and more every day.

Now at this time, you are going to hear about miracles, healings that God did through this ministry in the 1970s, 1980s and 1990s and they diminished when I went to pray on the mainland in 48 states, (it is hard to talk- the devil hates this and so does the American people, they despise it) but now I expect God’s miracle and healings to increase greatly as I share what took place the first thirty-three years of this ministry.

Back to the Arabian stallion—a pretty good horse. They normally don’t keep stallions unless they are the best they can afford and this horse happened to be a pretty good one. He had a bellyache—colic, and I attended him early in the evening, stayed with him, went back and forth and was with him all night. I could not get him relieved. He finally reached a place where he was just standing there and his belly had no movement whatsoever…I am talking about no gurgle, if you could hear a little gurgle, you’d be happy if you’d been in my place—no sounds. I happened to be one who had a pretty good ear with a stethoscope and I could locate sounds pretty well. Some wonder where I got my ear, God gave it to me but I guarantee I had it fine-tuned listening with a stethoscope and I could hear those sounds and I had a good history of diagnostics. This horse had no sounds, his entire system had shut down, it was amazing, his intestinal tract was just dead…he wouldn’t eat and he wouldn’t drink he was so depressed. Most horses will die on their feet, they will stand up till they fall over dead. Some will lie down, but most will stand up and this horse was just depressed. The people that owned him were really depressed and the veterinarian wasn’t the happiest thing on the farm. (That would be me.)

About 3:00 AM the second morning, I had been up all night the night before, all day and the owner of this horse was standing there with me. I had given every bit of medication I knew—I had good success normally, treating those things but this one was not going to be good. I was now walking in the Spirit of God, baptized in the Holy Ghost, my reputation among horse people: “You know doc’s got religion on us, but darn, he’ll pray for a horse and they’ll get well so don’t condemn him too much, we might need him to pray.” So, it’s about 3:00 in the morning and this Arabian stallion is standing there, the poor guy and I didn’t want the owner to know that I prayed for a horse or anybody else, so I put my arms up on the horse’s back and the poor guy could hardly stand up. I laid my head on my hands and whispered a prayer. God showed great mercy. In about five minutes, this horse raised up his head, looked around, walked over and started eating. I was overpowered. In a little bit this owner said, “Doc did you pray for that horse?” I said, “Yes sir.” Oh you don’t know how difficult it was for God to get me out of my shell. The horse lived; the last time I saw the owners, he was still alive. God did those things to deal with my pride; He also did those things to perfect my faith, to increase my faith.

Kathie said she heard me say that God worked for three years with me praying for horses to get them healed before I began doing much praying for people. I was praying for both, but God did some work in my heart on those horses. He perfected my faith or He improved it. I was standing by a horse once and I laid my hands on this horse’s neck, on the left side,(that was the side I always approached a horse from, for those of you who wonder) and I put my hand on this horse’s neck and I started praying for him, (God’s doing some work in my heart right now), and as I prayed for this horse, that horse turned and looked at me—you know he felt the power of God, like “Hey this is good!” That helped my faith. When I prayed, get ready, this thing's going to get well.

However, they didn’t get well every time. I did a small piece of surgery on a dog once for a man, and there was no reason for that dog to die, none. I was an efficient veterinarian, if you can handle that, and if you can’t God will take care of your unbelief. I just didn’t have the problems a lot of other professional people had because of their carelessness; and this dog died, quickly. I hated to call this man, but I did. I said, “Sir your dog passed on.” He said, “I want to come pick it up.” I said, “I’d want you to.” You know that was God, I had no idea what the guy would say to me but when he got there he said, “Doc I have to tell you something. I have never owned a dog that didn’t die a tragic death.” Well, there wasn’t anything tragic about this one, it was a tragedy to him. But God was saying to me, “That man’s cursed and his dog has got his curses on him.” I didn’t mean to practice a little veterinary medicine, but in Ecclesiastes 3 it says the spirit of a man and the spirit of a beast are the same, verse 18 and 19, you might read it and throw a fit, but there is just one breath in a man and a beast, that’s the breath of God.

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