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Thursday, December 3, 2015

Jesus Will Be Your Lord or You Will Be Destroyed

I know it is common thought, at least in America, that the book of Job didn’t even happen.  I have heard one leading American preacher say if it did happen it only lasted for nine months. I wondered if he considered the severity of God’s judgment on Job.

In 1970 God had directed me to sell my veterinary hospital and practice located on 121 Highway just west of US 75, north of Dallas, Texas.  I was an equine practitioner and an owner and breeder of some of the better American Saddlebred horses.  I had only been in the business a short time when I purchased a Saddlebred mare that produced some promising show horses. Then I was directed by God in 1970 to sell all that I owned and obey him.  I had a 143 acre farm in Southwest Missouri and I had moved my best brood mare to that farm.  I owned a young stallion royally bred on all four corners (horse’s grandparents were all winners).  I had thought within myself maybe it was time to prove this young stallion.  As I attempted to breed this good brood mare of mine and this young stallion an accident occurred that damaged the young stallion and he could no longer breed. I was forced to send this brood mare back to Texas for breeding.  As I was attending the young injured stallion the Lord said to me, “God giveth and God taketh away.”  I was devastated to think that that was the nature of God (Jehovah).  However God was not involved in my decisions and he interfered.  Within months I could see that God wanted a foal from my good broodmare that would supply me some money.  I might say this mare had produced four foals; one selling for $50,000 and the talk of the value was $600,000 to purchase him, another became a champion in the show ring.

God was in my life and I didn’t want him there, but he knew what was best for me.  I am grateful that I received his intervention into my life. Following those years God has proved himself faithful to me in everything that he had set my hand to do.

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God bless,
Doyle Davidson
Servant and apostle of the Lord Jesus Christ

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