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Tuesday, December 29, 2015

A Work of Righteousness - 2006

Brought Before the Council

But take heed to yourselves: for they shall deliver you up to councils; and in the synagogues ye shall be beaten: and ye shall be brought before rulers and kings for my sake, for a testimony against them. Mark 13:9

The Schlosser Trial. My doorbell rang one morning and when I went to the door I was handed a subpoena by the office of the District Attorney of Collin County Texas. I was 73 years of age. I was told to arrive on a certain date at what is now the old Collin County Court House. The subpoena required me to appear in court as a witness at the Dena Schlosser trial. I could not see that I had any reason to be subpoenaed to that trial. I checked in with the officer at the court and was told to wait. For three days I waited. At the end of each day the District Attorney’s Office would come to me, ask me two or three questions, and then ask me to return the next day. At the end of the third day they released me from the subpoena. The next morning, the fourth day of the trial, at about 8:00AM, I received a phone call from a representative of the District Attorney’s Office requesting that I be at his office in 30 minutes to answer questions about Dena Schlosser. I arrived at the Collin County Court House somewhere around 11:00 AM. I was directed to wait in a very small holding room off the courtroom. The room had a coffee bar. The presiding judge came into that room and asked me if he could have a cup of coffee. I said, “Well, it’s yours, I guess so.”

Within a few minutes I was ordered to the witness stand. I was sworn in and began being questioned by Dena Schlosser’s defense team for some one and a half hours or more. I was asked many questions that were not at all relevant to the trial. I answered every question with dignity and boldness. At the end of the questioning Schlosser’s defense attorney asked me if I had been treated fairly that day. My response was, “Absolutely.” Then a member of the district attorney’s office asked me if I was present in that room when Dena severed her daughter’s arms. My response was, “Absolutely not.” I was released from the witness stand and let go.

Delivering Terre Brown. In September of 1992 I was conducting a home bible study in Richardson, Texas and Terre Brown was present. The Spirit of the Lord directed me to deliver her. Over the ensuing years I prayed with her from time to time. I watched her being delivered when just she and I prayed, in the fellowship hall, and then regular scheduled prayer with a group of people. Then in April God ordered me to deliver her. I asked Terry Mai to join me and we prayed every day for about one and one-half hours. There was powerful deliverance. On the fifth day I asked Basil Clark to join us. The three of us prayed until the 9th day. We saw some powerful deliverance of witchcraft in Terre Brown’s life.

Delivering Terry Mai. I was scheduled for a meeting in Joplin on April 29th. I took Terry Mai with me and the two of us flew to the meeting. For one hour on the plane I loosed Terry Mai from the attack of the Jezebel and her witchcrafts. I was shocked at what the Jezebel through her witchcrafts had done to Terry Mai. I wondered how he could have believed the gospel and those spirits could have afflicted him.

Bill Castor’s Wreck. I had just finished a meeting in Joplin on May 20th. On the plane flying back to McKinney I told Basil Clark and Terry Mai, “I’ve got to get home, get off this plane, and pray.” Sometimes I have to pray by myself. After I got to my home I received a phone call. It was a woman; she asked me my identity. I told her who I was, and then she asked me if I knew Bill Castor. I said, “You mean the attorney from Tulsa Oklahoma?” She replied yes, then she described to me his accident. She said she was with him and would stay with him until the care flight helicopter arrived. The accident happened on I-44 at Big Cabin, Oklahoma. She stayed on the phone with me until help came and took him to Tulsa. I think today Castor has forgotten that my prayers saved his life.

Justin Lerhke ministered with me on national television in November, Mike Carter ministered with me in December.

Gospel Crusades. We continued to hold weekly meetings in Joplin, Tulsa, Lakeville, and Houston and chartered churches in these cities. Terry Mai went to Tulsa and Joplin on Saturdays and Sundays beginning in September.

We opened the mission back up on the West Side, giving food and clothing away in September.

Basil Clark came on staff in February.

Vickie Willmarth joined the staff and Neil Dodge was no longer on staff in March.

Went off Fox TV in Tulsa and went on KQCW in Tulsa, Monday through in October.

We no longer conducted meetings in Frisco in April.

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