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Monday, December 28, 2015

A Work of Righteousness - 2005

Overcoming Powers and Principalities

For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places. Ephesians 6:12

What I spoke about the power of darkness at the beginning of 2004 was not a surprise to me. First of all, by this time I had been walking and serving God for over thirty-four years. I knew as God had told me, I was to have a ministry like the Lords, and I knew the power of darkness hit him. I knew how people that were with him denied they ever knew him. I knew he stood and ruled even through death, hell, and being raised from the dead. I knew that I wasn’t going to die like Jesus did, but through the darkness I would rule in the midst of my enemies as I had done for all these years. I wasn’t surprise about those that betrayed me. I also knew that many that said they believed my gospel didn’t. Unbelief is why people left my ministry. They stopped believing the Gospel if they ever did believe it. What I said came to pass and I never expected otherwise.

Meeting “Big Red.” Sometime in February I began seeing a figure in my house that would appear slightly to my left in the distance that looked like a tall, thick black rope weaving among the clouds. I saw this figure two or three times and did not understand what it was. At this time I was continually being bombarded by a voice that said Lisa was not my wife and that I should not give her any money.

I was giving money to Lisa by putting a check in an envelope, putting a stamp on it and placing it in her mailbox on Walters Road and she would cash them. One day I knew it was right in the spirit to give her a check, but I didn’t have a stamp or an envelope. I had an appointment at the barbershop in McKinney and while I was there I asked my barber if the post office still sold stamped envelopes. He said he didn’t know but had one in his possession. A few weeks ago a lady had walked in and wanted to know if she could trade that envelope with a stamp on it for another envelope and stamp. My barber said, “You can have it. I don’t even know why she wanted to trade.” I looked at the stamp; it was a woman holding a child. I put a check in the envelope and put it in Lisa’s mailbox. After that the Lord said, “Don’t give her any more money.”

February or early March as I was in my house, God took me out into the realm of the spirit. I found myself face to face with a red spirit that appeared to be shaped like a serpent standing on it’s tail. It was four to six inches in diameter and more than six or seven feet tall. It was weaving back and forth. I stood with my face inches from him. I looked up and saw the head towering above my head, looking down at me. I followed his form down with my eyes and its tail was just between the toes of my shoes. I looked up and down at him two, three, or four times. He knew who I was. This was the spirit that had been speaking to me. I got the impression that he thought his presence would intimidate me. I spoke directly to him, “I don’t know if you are Jesus Christ. I don’t know if you are an angel from heaven. I don’t know if you are the devil himself. But Lisa is my wife and I don’t have to ask you if I can give her any money.” Immediately that thing left me and dove off and downward as if we were on a cloud. I never saw that spirit again.

Overcoming a Ruler. I confronted the spirit in Lisa on several occasions and drove it out of Plano. She and JR moved out of town on May 31st. I did not know where she went, nor did I know where she lived, or whom she was living with. But my spirit knew. On June 15th John 14: 21 was strong in my heart with faith;

He that hath my commandments, and keepeth them, he it is that loveth me: and he that loveth me shall be loved of my Father, and I will love him, and will manifest myself to him.

I prayed, “This day you will manifest yourself to me!” I have had this kind of experience in prayer on more than one occasion.

I started driving while praying from the church down Jupiter Road to Renner Road, then west to Custer, north on Custer to Park and back to Water of Life Church. I did this for thirty to thirty five minutes praying fervently, then returned to the church and continued to pray. I began to experience severe abdominal pains. I knew I was beginning to overcome the Masonic Ruler of Dallas that had Lisa and others at Water of Life bound.

Lisa’s two grandfathers and father were members of the Hella Temple Lodge in Garland. There were several others in the ministry whose family had been members of the Masons. After this I was able to identify its influence on others. I have come to see it is one of the highest spirits in our land.

Some years previously I was out driving with Lisa and praying. I addressed the heavens and said, “I challenge the most high Masonic ruler!” I said it several times, knowing that I never broke through it or overcame it. What did happen at that moment was the compressor on my vehicle’s air conditioner and my alternator went out at the same time. That’s what spirits can do to you and your equipment. What I found out later was Lisa was living less than two miles from Renner Road at that time. I don’t know where she is at today but she is not very far away because God is not through with her.

This day was the beginning of overcoming that spirit. I overcame it to a degree, but not totally. I had to keep walking and praying. Each time that I would confront it some type of storm would hit Water of Life and the area around us; either an electrical storm, severe rain, ice, snow, or extreme heat. When I would just about get on top of it, that is when a storm would hit. In the years ahead, I finally overcame that Masonic ruler, it could no longer effect me.

“You’re Going to Die.” From time to time Lisa would make threats to me that certain people of Water of Life Ministries were going to die. I would tell her she was wrong. On April 21st she stood before me in her front yard, pointed her finger at me and said, “You are going to die and your ministry is coming down.” I replied, “Not so, Lisa,” but at that juncture I knew it was time to start fasting. I began fasting seven days a week eating only the evening meal. That lasted several years. I found out a few days later that Donnie Cauthorn had started fasting for me also. I thank God for someone that can hear the Spirit of God and obey.

On the 9th day of September, one year from the day I went to jail, I woke up and my head, neck, and shoulders were numb, no feeling. My spirit immediately took over and started praising God, my intellect was saying this is the only way out. After some 15 minutes maybe 20, most of the numbness was gone. Within an hour I was fine.

But just days after that, perhaps in early October, I had a serious attack of the devil. My head said you are dying but my heart said you are not. I didn’t have a written will and I still don’t. I always said the Lord would tell me when I was going to be with him. But I let fear rule me. I sat down at the desk in my office, took a yellow legal pad and I wrote the last will and testament of Doyle Davidson. I directed where all my assets would go, that Terry Mai would be chairman of the board and president of Water of Life Ministries. I signed my name Doyle Davidson and then I put a postscript; I pray for my wife Lisa. In 45 minutes I overcame that attack and tore the will up and threw it in the trash. When Kathie D came to be my wife she asked me why I didn’t have any paper in my office and I told her I didn’t want to be tempted to write another one!

On December 27, while sitting alone in El Fenix Restaurant, the Lord spoke to me these words, “JR lied to Lisa and she believed his lies.”

Confronting Baptists Spirits. I recorded a program confronting Baptists on March 28th that I absolutely did not want to air. I was embarrassed to even hear myself speak. God said, “Show it!” The central theme was a person that won’t receive correction is a bastard (Hebrews 12), and Baptists refuse correction. I aired it and the day it aired in April I began to overcome the Baptist spirit. Oh it was glorious! I had a telephone call from a man who said, “I am getting a petition to get you removed from this station.” I asked him, “What for?” He answered “For what you said about Baptists.” I said, “Sir, can I ask you a question? Have you ever known a Baptist that would receive correction?” He thought for a moment and then said, “No sir, and I will with draw my petition.” That was God that confronted that Baptist spirit out of my mouth. This was the beginning of overcoming religious spirits: a great victory. Not one word have I ever spoken on television has God corrected me. Not one word. He would correct me before I’d say something, but never after. Consider what I am saying to you. God never corrected me.

Federal Court. In September I had a friend that was scheduled for a hearing in Federal Court in Dallas for a deportation hearing. He attended Water of Life Ministries occasionally, but I talked to him once or twice a week at his business. I was convinced he had really accepted Jesus into his heart. Terry Mai and I were called as character witnesses. The federal prosecutor was a woman. She swore me in and started asking me questions about this person lying. I replied to her questions, “I cannot answer that, I have no knowledge of that, I wasn’t there.” She admonished me that I was under oath and I acknowledged that I knew that. She kept asking me those kinds of questions and then she said judge, “This man is not responsive.” The judge replied to her, “I am going to continue to let you ask these kinds of questions but you are not going to get anywhere with this witness.” Finally she gave up. The judge turned to me and said, “You know I have just read the book “The Apostle” and you remind of this apostle,” and went on and talked about the book. My thought was, if you want to know about an apostle, read the bible. This prosecutor wanted me to say this man lied, and I didn’t know because I wasn’t there to witness it. The judge finally said, “Reverend, what does Jesus say about liars?” And like a shot out of my mouth, “Jesus said all liars will go to the pit.” He replied, “You can step down, Reverend.”

The Indonesia Tsunami. A major earthquake occurred on December 26th of 2004 just west off the coast of Sumatra, Indonesia. That earthquake caused the single worst tsunami recorded in history, with a death toll estimated at 170,000 people in Indonesia alone. Mel Tari’s ministry got in touch with our ministry, because he grew up in that country. Mel left for Sumatra on January 8th and returned on the 12th with video documenting the destruction. We began taking contributions for Indonesia on our television broadcast and received $160,117 in donations. We turned the money over to Mel Tari’s ministry and he in turn sent it for distribution in Indonesia.

Hurricane Katrina. Hurricane Katrina made landfall in Southeast Louisiana on August 29 causing major damage and the loss of 1,833 deaths. Because of the flooding many homes were washed away or destroyed. Many people from Louisiana and other areas were evacuated, many to this area in Texas. Water of Life Ministries contributed to Willowcreek Fellowship Church in their efforts to house the evacuees.

The Lord Paid off My House. December the 23 I paid my house and property off in full. God is faithful to His word and will perform it to the obedient. I had to rejoice it happened to me on Lisa’s birthday and she wasn’t able to live in it.

Gospel Crusades. We continued to hold weekly Sunday meetings in Joplin, South Bend, Tulsa, and Houston. We conducted one hundred fourteen meetings this year lead by myself along with other apostles and prophets. Thirty-four meetings were held in Joplin, twenty-one in South Bend, twenty-seven in Houston, and thirty-two in Tulsa.

Terry Mai began conducting meetings in The Colony in January. The last meeting was in November.

Basil Clark was no longer on staff in February, Ralph Edge was no longer on staff as of March.

Jack Small came to me and asked to go to speak at the Water of Life Churches. He said that he would go at his own expense. South Bend was the longest trip that he drove, but was unable to pay the expenses of any. My ministry reimbursed him on all the trips.

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