Luke 4:18 The Spirit of the Lord is upon me, because he hath anointed me to preach the gospel to the poor; he hath sent me to heal the brokenhearted, to preach deliverance to the captives, and recovering of sight to the blind, to set at liberty them that are bruised...

Saturday, December 19, 2015

A Work of Righteousness - 2000

The Work of Faith

Remembering without ceasing your work of faith, and labour of love, and patience of hope in our Lord Jesus Christ, in the sight of God and our Father; 1 Thessalonians 1:3 

Patti. In the 1998 posting I spoke that Patti had a stroke in 2000. This is a good time to record some of her medical history.

In 1998 when Patti lost control of 70% of her arms and legs by my estimation, I took her to what was at that time, Collin Memorial Hospital Emergency Room. As shared earlier, after I spoke in South Bend about the False Anointing Patti began to improve and over a period of weeks she recovered the use of her arms and legs.

Later on she experienced several attacks not related to her limbs, where she taken to the emergency room. With one of those visits within a very short time they had five physicians working with her. It appeared that Patti would not live. In fact one of the lung specialists told me she would not live 12 hours. I determined in my heart that if God wanted her in heaven that was all right, but the devil wasn’t going to kill her. The emergency room was full of personnel. They were not making any progress with her, so I walked over and took her right hand in mine, and said to the people, “You can have her left arm, I have this one!” And I started praying loud. Within moments everyone cleared the room except a woman breathing specialist. That was one amazing thing. Patti was having difficulty breathing and it appeared that she was dying of suffocation. As I was praying this specialist took over and with a strong hard voice said, “Patti you must try!” This woman was a believer. In a few minutes we overcame and her breathing became normal. They put her in ICU and in three or four days she was discharged directly from there and sent home.

Several days later we received a phone call from the hospital. The Clinical tests indicated that she had had a heart attack about nine months previous and it had damaged the heart muscle of the left ventricle. They also believed she had diabetes. These were plagues from the false anointing, sorcery, described in Revelations 18. I took her to the best medical facility in Dallas and they recommended she have by-pass surgery. The surgical team was scheduled and I had in excess of $100,000 to pay for the procedure. But as Patti questioned the surgical team, they could not assure her that it would help her live any longer. She said, “Then I don’t want the surgery.” Patti went home, and she and I agreed to give $100,000 away tax-free. She remained under the supervision and care of a cardiologist and with medication she was able to conduct a normal life as described in 1998.

This year, 2000, she had a stroke. I took her to the new Collin County Hospital and called our daughter, Kathy Mai. I said they think your mother has had a stroke. She said, “Dad can I come up?” I said, “Sure.” She recovered considerably but had some left side paralysis. She continued to live with some limitations; she could walk, dress and bath herself, but could no longer drive an automobile. I thought it was right sometime during her recovery period that we go to middle Tennessee and visit George and Betty Jackson, my sister and brother-in-law with Derek Prince Ministries, Israel. I paid for a private charter plane out of my own pocket and flew to Smyrna, Tennessee. Terry, Kathy, and their children, Candace, Ashley, and Rachel went with us. We stayed overnight, had breakfast at the Cracker Barrel Restaurant and flew back to the McKinney Regional Airport. The Jackson’s could not understand as I explained Patti’s previous medical history and the cause of it (the false anointing). Their ears were closed, they wouldn’t believe me.

Dinner with the Jacksons. Patti Davidson (left), Candace Mai, Philip Jackson,
Kathy Jackson, Allen Jackson, Ashley Mai
Patti continued under the supervision of the cardiologist and medication. In November 2002 I took her to her cardiologist for a routine visit. I always went with her and talked to her physician. After a complete examination he said to me, “You have done a good job with this woman.”

Beginning Secular Television
. The Lord directed me to go on secular television beginning in Tulsa, Oklahoma. I called the station FOX inquiring if there was a time available to air my program. Just moments before I called the national salesman had talked to the general manager and said if some Christian group would like to put on a program from 9:00 to 10:00 AM, Monday through Friday, I would consider it. Within hours I was signed up. We began broadcasting May 1.

In August we added 5 one-hour television broadcasts on Fox 27 in Springfield, Missouri. We went on to include 3 one-hour programs a week on KXTX 39, in Dallas, Fox 17 in Nashville, then NBC PAC 68 in Dallas. We also added a Sunday broadcast on Warner Brothers in Houston and CBS Wichita Kansas. Our short-wave radio broadcasts on LeSEA were also expanded to include 5 one-hour programs in October.

By this time, when we were ministering on secular stations, I begin to see the hatred of the Gospel in denominations. Woe to the people that fought my broadcast! They hated the Gospel and resisted the purposes of God.

Back in the Air
. After spending a little over a year ministering primarily to the people at Water of Life Church in Plano we continued with the Gospel Crusades again. We conducted 36 crusades this year, 21 in Tulsa, 13 in Joplin, 1 in South Bend and 1 in Anaheim.

Gospel Crusades 2000 Schedule:

Joplin 16, 17 (Terry & Ralph)
South Bend 23, 24 (T & R)
Tulsa 30, 31 (T & R)

Anaheim 13, 14 (T & R)

Tulsa 30

Tulsa 6,
Tulsa 13
Tulsa 20
Tulsa 27

Tulsa 3
Tulsa 10
Tulsa 17 (Terry & Kathy)
Joplin 17
Tulsa 24 (Ralph & Debbie)
Joplin 24

Tulsa 1 (Terry & Kathy)
Joplin 1
Tulsa 8 (Ralph & Debbie)
Joplin 8
Tulsa 15 (Terry & Kathy)
Joplin 15
Tulsa 22
Joplin 29
Tulsa 29 (Ralph & Debbie)

Joplin 5 (Terry & Kathy)
Tulsa 5
Joplin 19
Tulsa 19 (Ralph & Debbie)
Joplin 26 (Terry & Kathy)
Tulsa 26

Joplin 3
Tulsa 3 (Ralph & Debbie)
Joplin 10 (Terry & Kathy)
Tulsa 10
Joplin 17
Tulsa 17 (Terry & Kathy)

Our Internet Web Site expanded by adding five one-hour audio and video programs beginning in May.

The Roman Tapes. The ministry discontinued the production and distribution of 239 hours of teaching tapes and books in June. We replaced them with the production and distribution of the Roman teaching tapes that were being recorded from our television broadcasts.

The teaching of Romans and Hebrews caused more people to stumble than any other of my teachings.

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