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Monday, December 14, 2015

A Work of Righteousness - 1996

Abundantly Provided

I will abundantly bless her provision: I will satisfy her poor with bread. Psalm 132:15

Increasing the Crusades. We had been on television in Tulsa, KWHB Channel 47, Joplin, KODE Channel 12 and South Bend, WHME Channel 46, since 1992. We had been doing crusades in Tulsa, Joplin, South Bend and Houston for a couple of years. At this time the Spirit of God directed me to go to Anaheim in early January. We conducted our first crusade at the Anaheim Marriott. The resistance was tremendous. I could discern that much of my opposition was coming from Tulsa and Broken Arrow, so we began to meet in Tulsa once a month. God had taught me early not to run from spirits, but to confront them. You have to overcome spirits with your faith;

…this is the victory that overcometh the world, even our faith.( I John 5:4)

In the first six months we had a crusade in Tulsa nine times. We drove there some and flew Southwest Airlines from Dallas the rest.

Water of Life Ministries conducted a total of sixteen crusades this year. Ten were held in Tulsa, then two each in South Bend, Anaheim, and Houston. Our ministry purchased a meal at each of the crusades for those who came.

The End of Passing the Plate. In June we flew American Airlines into Chicago for a crusade in South Bend. We conducted the meeting in the Recital Hall of the Century Center. This ministry never asked for money nor have I ever told anyone my needs. At the crusades we did provide Water of Life Envelopes on the table and we would pass the plate at our meetings without fanfare. But the Spirit of God was moving powerfully in South Bend at this meeting and it was not the mind of the Spirit to pass the plate. I said, “Forget it, We will not pass a plate again.” When we returned to Plano we continued to do the same here. We purchased a treasury for the sanctuary and never passed a plate again.

The Beginning of Flying Charter. About the time that God directed me to no longer pass the plate He directed me to begin flying corporate jet charters. I contacted Windstar Aviation in Addison Texas. Our first charter was on a Lear 25 to Joplin Missouri in July. Now our air travel to the crusades had been launched! We were a happy group of people taking off in that Lear like a rocket!

We flew five more charters this year, all out of McKinney;
Houston, Texas, August 15,16
Santa Ana, California, September 12-14
Tulsa, Oklahoma, October 24, 25
South Bend, Indiana, November 7, 8
Houston, Texas, December 26, 27

My Dad Goes to Be With the Lord. I had been on television in Joplin for four years every Sunday morning, which is more than 200 programs. Jehovah will address religious people through His servants when He desires, and by this time God was speaking through me addressing the Baptists because of their hypocrisy. I was born and raised just twenty-two miles east of Joplin. My father had been a contractor that worked all over the state of Missouri; I had been a successful veterinarian and now a television preacher.

My earthly father, Lyle Davidson, and I would occasionally talk about what God was doing in the ministry. He did not always agree but He had a deep respect for my walk with the Lord.

In February he was hospitalized for two or three days and was told by his physicians he needed to move into an assisted living facility. He was a man of faith, and said to the doctors he wanted to go home and think about it. His three daughters were there and spent time with him, I talked to him on the phone that evening about 5:30 PM. My sister Betty Jackson, just younger than me, was by his side and had just given him a pedicure. While sitting in his chair, he had made his decision, and went home to be with Jesus.

Not long before he left, he said to me, “I wish I would have believed God like you do!” I replied, “Don’t say that Dad, if it wasn’t for you and mother, I wouldn’t be here.”

It was a great victory to see Dad’s body lying in that casket knowing that he was with the Lord! He had 88 years and 2 ½ months on this earth, and much of it was spent serving the Lord! (The Faith of Lyle Davidson:

Lester Goes to Be with the Lord. Just a couple months after my father passed away, Lester Sumrall went to be with the Lord. He died on April 28, at the age of 83. I do thank God for the opportunity to have met and fellowshipped with him.

After the death of these two men, I was left alone on the earth with no man of faith to talk to. All I could do was gird up my loins and go forward.

We expanded our TV and radio ministry further and began broadcasting on KZKI Channel 30, in Los Angeles, and KTFH Channel 49 in Houston on January 21st. We also began broadcasting on KTEK Radio in Houston on April 7th.

We continued ministering in Dallas County Jails on the third Sunday of each month.

The Mission distributed $66,800 for food for the year.

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