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Saturday, December 5, 2015

A Work of Righteousness - 1992

The Ministry Covers the World

And he said unto them, Go ye into all the world, and preach the gospel to every creature. Mark 16:15

As the Waters Cover the Sea. I was speaking on Sunday morning, January 19 at the West Side Church. As I finished and started to turn to the right the Spirit of Prophecy came up inside me. I knew by the Spirit it was a powerful prophecy and I didn’t move. The prophecy began with this, “Thus saith the Lord; the thing that I have promised you will come to pass in this season.” There was more to it but I do not recall the rest. I let spirits confuse me at first, but there was one specific thing; when I was in Argyle, Texas, the Lord told me that my ministry would cover the world as the waters cover the sea (Isaiah 11:9).

I believe it was the next day God told me to put my television ministry, which was already in Dallas, on Channel 12, KODE in Joplin Missouri, the county I was raised in. I called the station and they gave me Sunday mornings 7:00-8:00. Right after this, the Lord directed me to go on television in Tulsa.

I called the Tulsa Chamber of Commerce and asked them to give me a list of their television stations. I was not familiar with any of them, but one station seemed to stand out before me, KWHB, Channel 47. It was a part of LeSEA Broadcasting, Lester Sumrall being the founder. The sales manager was not available but called me later that day. His name was Gary Murphy. I told him what I wanted and he asked me to send him a tape. I recall to this very day the fear I had in sending the tape that God directed me to send. I thought, Oh Lord, these people will never let me on their stations after they hear this tape. It was entitled “The Law is not Faith”, and on that tape was how God told me the faith people were full of covetousness and idolatry. They accepted the tape and they offered me the 8:00- 9:00 Sunday night slot now open where Jimmy Swaggart had previously been. I was told they had been praying for a man of integrity to get that spot. I went on the air in Tulsa, February 16.

Gary Murphy became a very good friend of mine and remains such to this day. Within a couple of weeks, during March, I called him and asked what times do you have available in South Bend? They also viewed the tape for the program there. I believe Lester Sumrall viewed the tape himself and approved it. Lester and I became very good friends in a short time. He shared things with me that were very personal. Within a day or so they offered me times in South Bend, Indianapolis, Denver, Grand Rapids, and Kenosha. They also offered me times on World Harvest and Satellite Galaxy 6, Channel 15, which covered Central America, Mexico and Canada. World Harvest offered me 5:00-6:00 Sunday afternoon. At first I didn’t like the time, but later God used it to connect with Marcus Lamb and Daystar Television. Marcus Lamb pulled my program off of the satellite and played it here in the Dallas area. Marcus told me at the time I was the first pastor in the Dallas area that he offered time to. Daystar later added Houston and Phoenix. Later he removed my program from his stations saying in his letter that it did not fit in Daystar’s plans.

We then went on short-wave radio to Europe and South America through LeSEA. By April 1st we were on every station they had, radio and television. We always paid in advance and we never missed a payment.

Frankly speaking, I was a professional man and a businessman and had dealings with some of the richest and most powerful men and women in America. I was able to stand on my own two feet in my dealings with these people. I knew that they were not all honest. So in September, when I received a letter saying if I would give $10,000 toward building a short wave radio station in Hawaii, I would receive fifty-two hours of free air time. I made a phone call to Gary Murphy. I asked him bluntly, “Is this for real?” He answered, “Yes Sir!” I replied “I’ll send you $5,000 today and another $5,000 next month. I was signed up. The station covered China and all of East Asia. We broadcasted a one-hour program, five days a week. The station was built and went on the air in December of 1993.

The prophecy came true. I went on to be on twenty-five radio and television stations with a one hour program on Sundays and five one hour programs five days a week. My ministry covered the world.

The Jail Ministry. Michael Enriquez came over from Word of Faith where he was involved in their jail ministry. In August he helped establish a jail ministry at Water of Life where we ministered in the Dallas County jails. We initially began with twenty-four members certified in the National Chaplains Association, I being one. Later there were a total of thirty-nine men and women. Water of Life Ministries at one time covered 17% of all the time ministered in the Dallas County Jails. Michael came to Doyle later and resigned his position and Ralph Edge took over.

Water of Life Ministries began supporting an orphanage in Harare; Harare Children’s Home. We sent money to them weekly.

My Appendix Ruptures. Just a little more than a week before the presidential election, on October 25, I recorded a one-hour video teaching that medicine was witchcraft. That evening I recorded another one-hour video on nutrition. When I walked out of the church, I had severe pains in my belly. I went home and went to sleep. I woke up the next morning in pain with severe pain all day. By 9:00 PM I was vomiting and crawling on my hands and knees. I called for Terry Mai and Ralph Edge. As they were on their way I said to God, “I’ve got to have some help, I have used all my faith. I know unless I get some help, I’m not going to live. You will either have to heal me or I can go to the hospital.” The Lord said that it would be acceptable to go to the hospital. I was very disappointed, because I never intended to go back to a physician again.

What I didn’t know was what hold the tongues, set on fire from hell, had done to me, as written in James 3:6:

And the tongue is a fire, a world of iniquity: so is the tongue among our members, that it defileth the whole body, and setteth on fire the course of nature; and it is set on fire of hell. 

When I arrived at the hospital they told me my appendix had ruptured. My doctor said, “You got here just in time!” My response was, “I didn’t come here to die, cut this thing out and let me go home.” While being admitted that night, the hospital said they didn’t have a private room and they put me in a room with a Baptist. He called the nurse and said “This man’s gone crazy, get me out of this room!” It was because I was lying in my bed praying in tongues. I called Patti and told her to go to the administration office, get the hospital administrator, and tell him I want a private room. You see I knew all these people. A very short time later I had a private room.

My television program aired at 8:00 AM on Sundays in the Dallas area and many people on the staff of that hospital knew who I was and they knew when the program aired. Frankly speaking, I think every television that was available in that hospital was turned to my program and what was my message? Medicine is witchcraft, saith the Lord, not Doyle. I did endure some affliction and persecution for that hour and hours after until I was released. Many knew who I was, they knew me as a practicing veterinarian and now as a television preacher.

A most interesting thing happened. A black nurse started to enter my room but the Power of God knocked her backwards. I called out to her, “Come on in, this is just the Power of God!" She opened that door and replied, “I know what this is!"

During my stay in the hospital people from Water of Life visited and sat in chairs in my room while I lay in my bed and cast devils out of them. At one time, there were five ministered to at once. The attack of those tongues operating in witchcraft that came to visit me, along with others of the world, caused my appendix to rupture. One of the leaders of Water of Life said, “Now we are going to find out whether these people believe God or Doyle.” That man thought I would die. He is no longer here because of his unbelief.

I was released from the hospital the day Bill Clinton was elected.

Three weeks later I had the same symptoms that had sent me to the hospital before. I called my staff together, told them about what I was experiencing and said I would not go back to the physician but trust in the Lord. I have done that since that day and do presently trust in the Lord only.

In December God directed us to close the Harare office. I was overcoming the witchcraft of Zimbabwe, but I continued to give money for several more years to Forward in Faith Ministries and Faith World Church.

Several ministers were sent to nursing homes throughout the Metroplex.

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