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Thursday, November 19, 2015

The Natural and the Heavenly

1952 I joined the United States Navy in Joplin, Missouri and spent eleven weeks in basic training at San Diego, California. I went on to 20 weeks of Naval Hospital Corps School in Balboa Naval Hospital, also in San Diego.  I was then stationed at the US Oak Knoll Naval Hospital in Oakland, California from October 1952 to October 1953.   I was then sent to the US Naval Hospital in Yokosuka Japan.  I was transported there along with about 300 other sailors on the USS Cape Esperance T-CVE-88. Being a hospital corpsman in transit I was asked to serve in the dispensary (passing out medicine) several times during our 15 day tour. Since I served temporarily on the ship, the ship’s crew welcomed me.

Heading to Japan through the South Pacific is where I saw beautiful deep blue water.  During one of those days we had been observing small blue waves and subsequently the water turned into what looked like glass.  After that we all went to bed.  Somewhere around 3:00 am I heard a tremendous BOOM!  At first I thought we had been torpedoed.  I laid in my bunk for a minute or two or three then heard another enormous BOOM!  I realized we must be slamming into waves.  When morning arrived no one was allowed upon the flight deck. We were told we were sailing through a typhoon.  Later we learned one of the Sabre jets was partially loose from its moorings and some of the ship’s crew went top side on the flight deck, their bodies attached to the ship with lines because the water was coming over the top of the deck, and they re-secured the moorings of the F-86.  Late that afternoon we had moved out of the typhoon and were allowed to go back up on to the flight deck.  The clouds were thick, there was very little wind and the water was somewhat calm.   It was there as I walked on the deck moving through the gun turrets and looking at the planes that were all well secured, I was thankful to be a US Navy sailor; I had an appreciation for the United States Navy.

In January of 1971 I laid down in bed about 10:30 pm to go to sleep when suddenly before my eyes I found myself standing at the water’s edge.  The water was crystal clear and I could see the bottom was covered in small brown pebbles that went out for about 10-12 feet. At that juncture was a clear line of demarcation, the water became very blue, deep blue. I was reminded of the water I saw in the South Pacific in 1953.  I raised up, sat up in bed, shook my head, everything remained the same, the vision didn’t go away.  I stood up and the scene never left me. I thought this must be a vision of God.  As I looked up and out the water as far as you could see was deep, dark blue just like the water in the South Pacific Ocean.  In a few minutes I was able to go on to sleep.  The next morning I began to pray and ask the Lord what the vision meant.  About 11:00 that morning it came to me by the Spirit, “You are about to enter into deep water, and if you look to the left or look to the right or listen to any man you’ll drown.”  It will be forty years in January since that vision.  It was instruction to me then and those words are still faithful to me today.

God bless,
Doyle Davidson
Servant and apostle of the Lord Jesus Christ

The U.S. escort carrier USS Cape Esperance (CVE-88) transporting planes in the early 1950s. Cape Esperance had been recommissioned on 5 August 1950 for the Military Sea Transportation Service for duty as an aircraft transport (designated T-CVE-88). Here the deckload consist of about 20 U.S. Air Force North American F-51D Mustangs and F-86 Sabres (bow and fantail) and U.S. Navy Grumman AF-2 Guardians. The F-51s were only used up to 1953. (from Wikipedia)

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