Luke 4:18 The Spirit of the Lord is upon me, because he hath anointed me to preach the gospel to the poor; he hath sent me to heal the brokenhearted, to preach deliverance to the captives, and recovering of sight to the blind, to set at liberty them that are bruised...

Saturday, November 7, 2015

Making of A Prophet - Learning to be Thankful

Testimonies of Doyle Davidson

Transcribed and edited from Sunday AM, October 20, 2013 (2nd Hour)

When I arrived back from Florida, in Texas in May 1972, God had a plan for me. I was going to buy a property and practice veterinary medicine and for ten weeks I had to live in the Holiday Inn in Denton, Texas, (it’s still there), because I couldn’t buy property. I leased a property, the next morning they backed out. I leased another property, and the next morning they backed out. I was one discouraged person and discouragement was not a part of my personality. I wondered, “What have I done, have I missed God?” I left a veterinary hospital where I was making plenty of money and I could have bought it cheap, and made a lot of money on it, but it wasn’t God. Now, I am living in the Holiday Inn in Denton County, Texas because I thought God told me to come back there. During those ten weeks, He was teaching me the Book of Romans, more specifically perhaps, the first five chapters and then on up to ten and so forth. But I finally drove past a property that had a little sign on a post, FOR SALE. I had driven by there every day for weeks and that sign was just nailed up there.

I made a phone call and that 6-1/2 acres and I became friends. It had a house on it that wasn’t old, it wasn’t a stylish house but it was a solid build house. The people that built it had no imagination. It had some little cracks on the northeast corner, on the end of it. There was a fireplace setting in the middle of that space. I asked the people that I purchased it from, (I knew his brother), “What happened here, what are these cracks?” My Dad was a house mover and moved brick houses. He was a house builder and a road builder, a contractor, moved and hauled all kinds of steel tanks, so I grew up with that, I knew how to ask questions. The guy was not truthful. He said, “We had a leak here on a water pipe and we had it fixed.” I said, “Well that’s alright,” especially when you lived in the Holiday Inn for ten weeks, that makes you a little less selective. Amen. He said, “I’m going to send someone to fix those, we never fixed them after we repaired the property.” I wasn’t sure he was telling me the truth, in fact I found out as time passed, he was lying. It started raining, and it rains a lot in Texas sometimes and other times, it doesn’t rain much. It rained and those cracks started filling up and I said to myself, “What have I done?” No I actually said, “God what have you done to me?” He didn’t talk. So the cracks are full, we go through the weather, summer returns and the cracks return. I was not a happy veterinarian. But that was the reason I was there, to get the unhappiness out of me. I finally determined, partially, what was wrong. The two beams, one on the north and one on the south, were broken about 10 feet back because of that fireplace setting on a cross beam on the east end. I couldn’t understand why it would correct itself when it rained a lot, with the fireplace there, that thing is heavy.

After the second year I decided I had to find out what it was. I was one disturbed person; you cannot sell property without disclosing those kinds of damages or actions without paying for them. I talked to God and one day in 1975 God said, “Fix that house.” I said, “I can’t fix that house. “Oh yes you can.” I had experience and a lot of it—I didn’t want to fix that house. I didn’t like what God was doing to me. Have any of you ever been in that spot? I wanted a miracle. “Heal this concrete!” I prayed every dumb prayer you can imagine. Nothing happened. God said, “Fix it, you know how.” I did know how, but after all, I’m a veterinarian and I am not in the construction or concrete contracting business, nor do I know anything about running a backhoe. I didn’t want to learn, I had never run a backhoe in my life. I finally said, “Ok, I’m going to fix this thing.” Miss Patti, who is heaven now, she was unhappy with me too. God said, “In everything give thanks for this is the will of God concerning you.” I said, “You mean I have to thank God for this?” Oh yes. “You mean I have to thank God that these beams are broken and that this house floats on water when there is enough there, up and down?” Thank God, I was not one bit happy, but listen, I started getting happy. You can complain, kick, rant, rave, do what you want to but I will tell you now you will never get God’s attention with that.

There was a man’s wife that came to my bible study at that house and he had two backhoes, both of them commercial. One of them he didn’t use and he came up to see me, he liked me, he didn’t like what I taught his wife, but he liked me and that was just God. He talked to me about the backhoe and said, “If you want to fix this house, I’ll dig it out,” and I accepted his offer. It had a large patio and it was twelve feet to the east and thirty-six feet long plus twelve, which extended twelve feet past the width of the house to the south. It had down spouts on it and those down spouts drained into pipes that the owner had put under the patio. I couldn’t understand how this thing wasn’t working. I got a concrete saw and a jackhammer. I can run a jackhammer—that ‘s not a problem, if you’re not upset. If you happen to have a bit of anger that jack hammer will get you down. I didn’t get a little jackhammer; there was a lot of concrete, I got the biggest one they had. It was hot, August, I was wet all the time—I got the concrete broken out and I called the guy with the backhoe and he came up on a Friday afternoon and brought his Case commercial backhoe. It will do the job, it’s a big one and thirty minutes after he started digging the hydraulic hose ruptured. He said, “Doyle this is a commercial and you can’t buy these anywhere except in Dallas. I’ve got to go to Dallas and get it and I’ll be back.” He had a habit I didn’t like—he didn’t show up till Monday, but I wasn’t going to wait till Monday. I always had pretty good control of my emotions and by that time I made sure I had good control.

I didn’t know anything about a backhoe, about running one, but there was a Ford tractor dealership over on 35 south of Denton, and I took that ruptured hydraulic hose for a Case, about 30 inches long, over there, just hoping (I know now it was God) that those things were not specifically made like this guy told me. I walked in and I laid the hose up on the counter and a guy stood there and looked at it and said, “Let me have that hose,” and he walked back through a door and I watched him crawl up on a shelf and he reached up on top and pulled a hose off. Now these hoses are made for right and for left and they aren’t interchangeable. He laid that thing up there on the counter and said “Someone came in here two years ago and ordered this hose and they never came back and it’s the one you need.” “How much do I owe you?” I asked. Happy. I went back and put it on, put some fluid in and crawled up on that thing and took it out in the driveway and said, “Doyle you’re getting ready to learn how to run a Case backhoe.” Commercial, it was not a little one, you guys that know, you know; those of you who don’t, you’ll have to find out. I got out there and played with that thing for a little while, about fifteen minutes and said, “I’m ready.” It just had a few levers; the only thing is, you better have your mind synchronized with your hand. Anyway, I started digging and I was careful, this bucket is heavy—if you slam it in there when you’re going right and you’re supposed to be going left—but I got that thing dug out, four feet wide, six feet deep all down the end and down the north side, ten to twelve feet, the south side ten to twelve feet and by the way, I was working on the Sabbath, both days. How could that be? Well, one of you calls it Saturday, and the other one calls it Sunday. That was confusing to me but God calls the Sabbath Saturday. He’s the one that said it was Saturday, but you religious people, you have it wrong. Someone said, Sunday is an analog to Saturday and I thought, “Oh you people would come up with anything.”

The backhoe owner returns Monday morning, and asked, “Who did this?” “I did,” I said, “I didn’t have time to wait on you.” He said, “Well when you get ready to fill it let me know.” I called a man that I knew that put in light poles who had a big auger and asked him to come down and help. We dug those pier holes ten feet deep to yellow clay. We built steel frames and put them in there and got them all ready. I called my Dad to ask him to help; he was a house mover and had all kinds of house jacks. I said, “Dad I need your help.” He was busy but I was insistent, “Dad you’ve got to help me.”  He said, “I’ll be there,” He came and we jacked the end of that house up 2-¾ inches. I called the concrete people, poured the concrete and an interesting side note: my bank account was messed up, which was rare, it never was; every day I expected the bank to call me, but the concrete guy had put the check in his wallet and forgot about it. We learned later, Patti had forgotten to sign the check. We got all the concrete poured, the house was fixed and it had taken me two weeks to do it. I made rose beds four feet wide, in place of the patio; that is where I started raising roses. I pushed the last dirt in and that night it rained four inches. If that trench would have been open I would have been in more trouble than you could imagine. By now I’m thanking God better, I’m more thankful. I was more thankful when the last dirt went in than when I was cutting up the concrete because I knew God had saved my life, or a lot of money—probably wouldn’t have killed me but I would have thought so. Amen.

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