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Tuesday, October 13, 2015

A Nice Email Message From Betty

Sharing a nice email message I received this morning from my sister Betty in Jerusalem and my reply to her.

Original message from Betty

Dear Doyle:

George and I are still in Jerusalem, returning to the States soon.

I have had time to be quiet and read some.
I have prayed for you much while being here this time.
Glenda has kept me up to date, and I believe now you are feeling stronger.

As I thought back over our lives I recalled the first Christmas ....that I can remember. We were living on the Cale Place, and received a red wagon. I don't remember much, but you were bigger and I knew you really liked it.
I remember Banner School House, where we used to hear "all night singin's" with Albert E. Brumley on the Piano. I was 5 when I began school, and you were always
much smarter and looked after me.

I remember Redwood School (I think that was the name), and there was a Moss boy that I hated because I thought he was mean to you. I have since forgiven him, but he was mean!

I remember the night we were decorating the Christmas tree and I think Franklin D Roosevelt died and I jumped up and down because I thought he was bad for our Country.

I remember when you joined the Navy, and I cried for days. Mother and Daddy sent me to visit you in San Diago.
Enough of we are today. In a few weeks I will be 80 years old.
The days have gone fast, but we have eternity ahead of us.

I want you to know, "I love you!"
I am doing my best to be ready when Jesus calls my name.
I visited Dorothy just a few days before she went to heaven, and even though she didn't seem to know I was there, I sang:

When He calls for me I will hear Him.
When He calls for me, I will answer,
When He calls for me, I will hear Him,
I'll be somewhere listening for my name.

I knew Dorothy witnessed to the message, it was only a couple days, and she had gone to heaven.

What a great hope we have. Thank God for Jesus who makes it possible for us to be ready to meet Him.

Daddy said he would be waiting for us at the Easter Gate. If you see him before I do, tell him "thanks for all you did for all of us." I am sure mother will be beside him she helped to make a difference in our lives.

Than you for all the love you have shown to me, and to my family.
Love you,
Betty Joyce

Doyle's response to Betty:

Hello Betty,

Great to hear from Jerusalem! And you sound in an upbeat spirit, but as your elder I must correct you a bit, in love that is. You did well on your memory test, however the red wagon came on the 80 acre white house on the hill, with the big barn just to the south slope from the house, where Betty Joyce was born. When you were born you had problems with your stomach. You could not drink any milk except goat’s milk and keep it down. So Mom and Dad bought you a white milk goat, your own personal goat! And being a Davidson and loving to hook horses to wagons, I decided why not try a goat? Now that house had a well with a pump in it on the west side about 30 feet from the house. It had a concrete deck about 6 – 8 feet square that the pump sat on. Your goat was tied to a shade tree about 15 feet west of the red jacket water pump. So I took my little red wagon, full size, and untied the goat, then tied it to my wagon tongue. I realize now not a very brilliant move where I had no lines to drive that goat with. So your goat takes off toward the south, with me in the wagon, turns east at the end of the house, makes a complete turn, went north never touching anything, a very smooth ride, goes around the north end of the house to the west, running full speed! And your elder brother, four years old hanging on to the sides of the wagon with both hands! Your goat turned south toward the well, runs across the southwest corner of the deck and red wagon with elder brother in it hit the deck and came to an immediate stop! Your goat feet went flying southeast. Your goat had been hung by Jesus! Your mother and my mother, Alba, came out the door hollering, “Doyle, what have you done?!” I never got one scratch, Jesus kept me while in that wagon. Mother got out, tied your goat to the tree and I got out of the wagon unscathed, and Mother and I got along well, I guess. Now I just wanted to inform you since I’m older than you of the goat/wagon ride. I appreciate your remembrance of all else.

However, I have one more thing to say. Jesus said he would not have us ignorant of the times and seasons when he returns. He said he didn’t know, no man knows, certainly I don’t, but I believe the times and the seasons are here for his return to the Mount of Olives within a few short years. So I do not expect to meet Dad at the Eastern Gate, rather I expect to meet him along with Jesus in the clouds in the air at his return! I pray you have the same desire that I do.

Also, I recommend you listen to my Sunday programs, morning and evening if you will. There I explain the two week fast that I just completed and what the Lord was doing in my life during those two weeks. You can find the following links to my program on YouTube: "It Is Written, Be Strong Fear Not" and "There is Coming a Great Deliverance"


By the way, last night I had two bowls of vegetable soup from Souper Salad, three pieces of cornbread, first good whole meal. Tonight I go to El Fenix for my taco and refried beans!

Love you,
Little brother Doyle
(as they treat me)

God bless,
Doyle Davidson
Servant and apostle of Jesus Christ

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